Sweet Mix Auto feminized seeds

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Sweet Mix Auto is a pack of premium autoflowering cannabis seeds brought to you by Sweet Seeds as a way to allow growers to try a range of different strains — ones they may never had encountered — at a low price point. Whether you’re a fan of Sativa or Indica cannabis, you will love all Sweet Mix Auto has to offer!

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  • Mix of Indica and Sativa seeds
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Sweet Mix Auto: Suitable for All Growers

Sweet Mix Auto is a mix of autoflowering cannabis seeds at a convenient price point. If you’re a fan of adventure and are up for a challenge, explore Sweet Mix Auto and become a better grower because of it!

Regardless if you are an experienced grower who is looking for some change or a new grower who isn’t certain exactly which strain they want to commit at least 8 weeks of their time to, Sweet Mix Auto will help you further develop your skills and give you ounces of high-quality cannabis. While the exact composition of the mix is unknown, each pack will contain 10 high-quality, autoflowering cannabis seeds from the Sweet Seeds catalogue including some of the following:

  • Speed Auto, a fast flowering, well-balanced cannabis strain.
  • Sweet Skunk Auto — a sweet, pungent strain developed as a tribute to the original Skunk family.
  • Killer Kush Auto — a very potent Indica-heavy cannabis strain with a short flowering period.
  • Cream Caramel Auto, a sweet taste with hints of caramel and spice.
  • Jack 47 Auto, one of the finest Sativa-dominant autoflowers available on the Sweet Seeds catalogue.

An Exciting Mystery Mix

All of the strains available in Sweet Mix Auto will have different smell, taste and appearance, and in fact, when growing in this style you are more reliant on your sense of smell to differentiate between different types of strains which, over the course of many grows, readily improves your knowledge and growing skills.

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