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CBD Caramel Regular (Barney's Farm) Barney's Farm
CBD Caramel regular (Barney's Farm)
CBD 18 %
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
CBD Lemon Auto Feminized Seeds from Herbies Seeds
CBD Lemon Auto (Herbies Seeds)
THC 17 %
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
Black Kush x SCBDX SuperCBDx Seeds
Black Kush x SCBDX (SuperCBDx Seeds)
CBD 17 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock
CBD Blue Shark feminized seeds Barney's Farm
CBD Blue Shark (Barney's Farm)
CBD 16 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock
CBD Lemon Potion Auto Barney's Farm
CBD Lemon Potion Auto (Barney's Farm)
CBD 15 %
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
Out of stock
Buy Black Jack CBD feminized seeds Sweet Seeds
Extra Seeds
Black Jack CBD (Sweet Seeds)
CBD 9 - 17 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
La S.A.G.E. CBD (TH Seeds) T.H. Seeds
La S.A.G.E. CBD (T.H. Seeds)
CBD 10.94 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Pennywise regular seeds TGA Subcool Seeds
Pennywise regular (TGA Subcool Seeds / SubCool’s The Dank)
CBD 12 - 15 %
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock
Tatanka Pure CBD feminized seeds (Royal Queen Seeds) Royal Queen Seeds
Tatanka Pure CBD (RQS)
CBD 9 - 14 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Buy CBD-enriched Warlock feminized seeds Serious Seeds
CBD-enriched Warlock (Serious Seeds)
CBD 4 - 15.58 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock
Buy Super Lemon Haze CBD feminized seeds Green House Seeds
Super Lemon Haze CBD (GHS)
CBD 9 - 10 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock
Super Silver Haze CBD Green House Seeds
Super Silver Haze CBD (GHS)
CBD 8 - 14 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Out of stock

Why Is CBD Becoming So Popular?

One of the main reasons for the popularity of CBD seeds is their legality. Weed that’s high in CBD is absolutely legal to grow in many countries around the world due to the fact that it’s not psychoactive, and hence not considered a drug. This is helping to push not only the popularity of CBD pot seeds and high-CBD marijuana, but also the research of its medicinal properties. By now, it’s well-known that even though low-THC strains won’t make you high, they will quickly improve your mood, alleviate anxiety, reduce pain, improve sleep, and so on. The research of cannabis grown from CBD seeds is still in its infancy, but the promises of this cannabinoid are already tremendous.

Pros And Cons Of High-CBD Seeds

If you’re considering buying high-CBD seeds, you need to know more about both their pros and cons. Let’s dive in to help you build a full picture.

Pros of high-CBD seeds:

  • Cannabis grown from CBD seeds – whether feminized or regular, autoflowering or photoperiod – is active against many symptoms and well-known to reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety, as well as to promote healthy immune levels, healthy skin, and better sleep.
  • CBD seeds are absolutely legal to grow in many countries due to being non-psychoactive, and marijuana with high CBD content is also often legal to consume for the same reason.
  • This cannabis can be used to make various home-made and organic products with high CBD content such as CBD oil, topical creams, etc.
  • CBD seeds and cannabis grown from them are non-psychoactive and not addictive, so you can enjoy the benefits without sacrificing any of your productivity or habits.
  • Buying high-CBD seeds is easy and proves to be much cheaper than buying marijuana from dispensaries, even after considering the growing costs such as light, nutrients, etc. 
  • Cons of high-CBD seeds:
  • High-CBD seeds normally contain very low amounts of THC, hence they are not psychoactive, which can be a disadvantage for some. However, if this is something you’re looking for, you can easily find high-CBD seeds for sale that are also high in THC.
  • While being a rewarding experience, growing cannabis from CBD seeds takes time – up to several months depending on the strain.

How To Germinate High-CBD Marijuana Seeds

Germinating high-CBD weed seeds, whether feminized or regular, autoflowering or photoperiod, is actually no different from popping seeds of any other marijuana variety. While there are many ways to germinate your high-CBD seeds, we recommend starting with the paper towel method – one of the easiest ways to germinate cannabis seeds:

  • Place the seeds you want to germinate onto a clean paper towel and fold it in half to cover the seeds.
  • Lightly spray the towel with clean water to make it moist.
  • Place the moist towel containing your high-CBD seeds onto a plate and cover it with another plate – this is how you seal the moisture in while creating a perfect dark environment that cannabis seeds love.
  • Check daily to make sure the towel stays moist, spraying it again if needed.

    High CBD seeds

Your weed seeds will most likely pop in a couple of days. However, older seeds may take up to ten days, so be patient. After your cannabis seed has germinated, use a pair of clean tweezers to transfer it to soil. Be careful – whether your weed seeds are high-CBD or not, they are extremely fragile and need to be treated with care.

Where To Grow CBD Seeds

Many high-CBD cannabis seeds and the marijuana they produce are related to cannabis Ruderalis. What is this, you might ask? Ruderalis is a subspecies of cannabis that originated in colder climates and carries very low THC levels, while also producing much more CBD. Because Ruderalis is naturally so hardy, many high-CBD seeds are also well-suited for growing in less than perfect environments, which makes this marijuana type perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

If you decide to grow this seed type indoors, it will give you better control over your environment, including aeration, humidity, temperature, and lights. However, it will most probably be more costly due to the need to set up a grow room and pay the increased electricity bill.

If you choose to grow outdoors, you will benefit from the best light source possible – the sun – and hence achieve bigger yields. Another benefit is that the outdoors usually provides more space for the strain you pick to grow. This is especially important if you plant regular cannabis seeds, since you’ll need to grow more bushes and discard the males later.

Recommended Temperature And Humidity For Growing High-CBD marijuana

When growing indoors, keeping the temperature and humidity at the correct levels is crucial for ensuring the success of your high-CBD seed grow op. During the vegetative stage, the main focus of the high-CBD pot grower must be on temperature. Before the switch to 12/12, or the automatic switch to flowering when growing autoflowers, the optimal nighttime temperature is 20C (68F), while the best daytime temperature is 27C (80F). During veg, the acceptable humidity level may range from 50 to 70%.

The overall indicators of both temperature and humidity become lower after the initiation of the flowering stage, and decrease further as you approach harvest. Different stages of flowering require varying degrees of care. Three phases can be distinguished as follows:

  • 1-2 weeks of flowering. The formation of high-CBD buds begins. At this stage, the ideal environment is 25-26 degrees Celsius (77-79 F), with humidity levels of 65-75%.
  • 3-4 weeks. At this time, the active formation of high-CBD buds starts. The ideal temperature drops to 24-25C (74-77F), and the humidity to 55-65%.
  • 5-9 weeks. The ideal daytime temperature is now 23-24 (72-74F), and the humidity 45%. During this time, important chemical connections are being formed, and lowering the temperature helps keep them intact. For example, terpenes, or the aromatic oils in your high-CBD pot plant, are best stored at this temperature.

Taking into account all the nuances of temperature and humidity during these growth phases of marijuana, you can create resinous, aromatic buds chock-full of CBD. 

Which Soil Is Best To Use When Growing High-CBD Seeds?

Practice shows that only by choosing the right soil for high CBD seeds can you grow a healthy and large plant that will deliver a bountiful harvest of high-CBD cannabis. So, what are the characteristics of good soil for growing high-CBD marijuana?

  • pH of 5.5.-6.0 for vegetation and up to 7.0 during flowering.
  • Light, easy to drain.
  • Complex composition. Some of the best additives are peat, limestone, perlite, worm castings, bat guano, etc.
  • Nutrient-rich. Phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium are essential.

So, each high-CBD plant requires the use of balanced and fertile soil, which contains not only organic matter but also all the microelements and macronutrients that the plant needs during its development, and all this must be contained in a form accessible to the plant.

Nutrients For CBD Seeds

Speaking of proper nutrition, this is the key to growing strong and healthy cannabis plants with harvests of buds full of CBD. While growing, you should keep an eye on signs of nutrient deficiencies, while providing each plant with the required amount of macro and micronutrients.

The essential three macronutrients for cannabis include nitrogen (crucial for the vegetative stage), and phosphorous and potassium (both crucial for the flowering stage). Without these, your cannabis won’t be able to build tissue, store energy, or grow, and it will therefore slowly deteriorate.

Micronutrients required for growing high-CBD cannabis include iron, calcium, zinc, and many others. These are all required for the plant’s immunity, healthy growth, and absorption of nutrition.

So, how do you get all of the required nutrients for high-CBD seeds?

  • Use store-bought nutrient mixes for cannabis. They guarantee perfect levels if you follow the instructions closely.
  • Alternatively, mix your own super soil. It’s organic and self-sustainable thanks to a complex composition that keeps nutrient levels up during the whole growth cycle of your plant.

Required Amount Of Light

The quality and amount of your CBD harvest will largely depend on the amount of light your high-CBD bush receives. While outdoors, providing enough light is relatively easy because of the sun’s energy, it gets trickier indoors. Make sure to use high-quality HID, LED, or fluorescent lamps, as they tend to be the most efficient. In perfect conditions, HID light can translate to 1g of marijuana per 1W, while LED translates to 0.5g per 1W. This means the bigger yield you expect to harvest, the more light you need to provide. Normally, it’s safe to start from around 400W.

In any case, if your CBD bush is not receiving enough light, it will sooner or later show symptoms that indicate the lack of light, including:

  • Slow-down of plant growth.
  • The distance between the newly formed leaves and shoots increases while the stem becomes thinner.
  • Newly formed leaves are slightly smaller in size.
  • Lower leaves turn yellow and fall off.
  • Flowering plants have few buds and are paler than usual.
  • The buds do not develop or fall off.

High-CBD Seed Yields

The potential yields of high-CBD seeds vary from strain to strain and largely depend on several factors. The main one is genetics. If you start with a high-yielding strain, it’s going to be much easier to harvest a large yield of high-CBD weed you’ll be proud of.

Second, if you want a bigger yield, dedicate some time to learning how to train your plants. Both LST and HST techniques can help you greatly increase yields of low-THC and high-CBD seeds.

Finally, make sure to provide your cannabis with enough light, because the amount of it will directly impact the amount of high-CBD buds you get at the end.

Best High-CBD Seeds

When choosing high-CBD weed seeds, there are several things every grower or seed collector needs to consider:

  • Quality seed is half of your grow’s success. Luckily for you, here at Herbies, we only sell CBD pot seeds from reputable breeders.
  • If you’re a beginner grower, go for feminized seeds instead of regular. Choosing high-CBD feminized seeds instead of regular cannabis seeds will save you the space and time needed for sexing regular cannabis seeds.
  • Decide whether you’re looking for autoflowering or photoperiod CBD marijuana seeds. While autoflowering is an easier to grow seed type, photoperiod cannabis seeds usually yield more.
  • If you’re looking for a medicinal strain without psychoactive effects, make sure to choose a seed type with low THC.

    High CBD marijuana seeds

How To Buy High-CBD Seeds Online

Here at Herbies, we do everything possible to grant you the smoothest shopping experience online.  Ordering CBD strain seeds here is extremely easy:

  • Pick the category depending on the seed type you’re looking for (for example, High CBD), and navigate through hundreds of options with the help of our intuitive filter system.
  • Read our thorough descriptions and user reviews to make your choice. Don’t forget about our online chat function – if the number of choices is too overwhelming, our consultants will help you pick the right seed for your specific needs.
  • Add the seeds to your cart and follow through to choosing your shipping and payment methods.
  • While you’re waiting for your order, read our blog to learn more about cannabis cultivation. Don’t forget about the News page – there might be a sale coming!

Why Choose Us?

CBD seeds for sale

High-CBD Cannabis Seeds: FAQ

Is CBD an anti-inflammatory?

Yes, CBD is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, among other health benefits.

Can I buy cheap CBD strain seeds at Herbies?

Yes, you can! Our catalog is extensive and includes CBD seeds for sale, both feminized and regular, autoflowering and photoperiod, in all price categories. We also give out a free cannabis seed with every order, as well as throw sales once in a while. So, it’s easy to save when shopping at Herbies.

Can you clone a CBD plant?

Yes, photoperiod high-CBD cannabis can be cloned. Unfortunately, you can’t clone marijuana plants if they’re of the autoflowering variety.

Do you deliver CBD marijuana seeds to the USA/UK

Yes, we do! Herbies ships high-CBD seeds worldwide. For more information, check out our Shipping page.

How much time do I need to grow high-CBD feminized seeds?

The time it takes from seed to harvest for high-CBD strains varies from strain to strain. However, it normally takes at least 2 months to finish the cycle. You can find info regarding each strain’s harvest time on its page.

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