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GG#4 Original Glue Grow Report: High Yields and Resistance to Heat

Last updated: 25 October 2023

Gorilla Glue #4 Week by Week Grow

Hi everyone! I hope that this GG#4 Original Glue grow report will be of use to those of you who wonder how to grow GG#4 Original Glue indoors and especially during the summer heat.

Gorilla Glue #4 Grow Data

My GG4 strain was the strongest plant compared to her peers. One topping and the ScrOG-style training turned her into a very branchy bush with many large and dense colas. After 14 weeks from seed, she yielded over 3.5 ounces (100g) of potent buds with a focused Sativa-like high.

How to Grow GG#4 Original Glue When Heat is an Issue

I know that nobody likes growing weed indoors in summer when keeping the temperature in check is such a huge issue. Where I live, day temps can be as high as 40°C (over 100°F). So I decided to do a run with especially hardy genetics, including the GG4 strain from Original Sensible Seeds.

After reading the GG#4 Original Glue strain info, I thought that I’d found the genetics I was looking for, and to be honest, she did wonderfully in my garden. If you read my original GG#4 Original Glue grow journal, you’d see that I singled her out as a winner and keeper from the start.

The Seedling Phase and Early Veg

I germinated a single seed and planted it in a 5-liter (1.3-gallon) container with amended soil. I put it under a 250W HPS. This is more than enough light for the vegetative stage in my 3’x3’ tent.

I did a trick that I recommend to anyone who’s dealing with the issue of heat. I would turn on the light—for 16 hours a day at this point, and later for 18—in the night hours when the air is a bit cooler. And I would turn the lights off at the peak of the day's heat. If your grow tent has no light leaks to disrupt the darkness in flower, then you are alright. And if you grow autoflowers, even light leaks shouldn’t worry you.

The air was also quite dry at this point — under 30% RH. So I installed an ultrasonic humidifier to raise it to at least 50 percent. My GG#4 Original Glue looked happy and healthy, at least for such a hot and dry environment. Her leaves might have been a bit wavy, but she chugged along just fine.

I transplanted her into a 20 l (5.3 gal) plastic container in week 3, and she didn’t even seem to notice. She just kept growing and filling out. Maybe, the HESI Root Complex helped because this root growth stimulator is supposed to reduce the stress of repotting.

A Light Feeder Throughout

The week of the transplant, I also added Atami ATA Calmag to the nutrient solution because extra amounts of calcium and magnesium never hurt and a healthy dose of nitrogen (N) in this product would further stimulate the vegetative growth. And starting from week 4, I began to mix in pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Parts A & B as my main NPK formula. I would go on using this for the rest of the grow, but always moderately — at 1 ml/l each.

Topped and Scrogged

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to top my GG#4 Original Glue because she was a branchy plant without any training. Finally, I did top her above the 6th node, and the very next week (week 5), I installed the ScrOG net and began tucking the branches. I let only the topmost pair overgrow the ScrOG, but I did my best to weigh them down and make the canopy as flat as possible.

Around this time, there was an issue with whiteflies. These little bastards love hot (and humid) conditions. I was killing them on sight, but one of them managed to leave a lot of bite marks on a fan leaf. Eventually, I cut it off. So much for defoliation in this run lol.

My GG#4 Original Glue Cannabis Grow Journal Gets Uneventful

I changed the light schedule to 12/12 in week 7, and after just one week, my GG#4 Original Glue was popping flowers everywhere. She had 12 primary branches, and on each of those, there were quite a few secondary branches. Most have made it to the ScrOG even before the flowering stretch began.

I stimulated the process of budding with two Advanced Nutrients products (at 2 ml/l of each):

  • Bud Ignitor does its job by giving a PK boost and is recommended for use for two weeks in mid-flower. I was using it for just one week.
  • Bud Factor-X contains bioactive ingredients which bring out the taste and the smell in buds. Again, I stopped using it after just one week although you can continue giving it right before the final flush.

After this, I returned to the old boring diet — just 2 ml/l of pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Parts A & B and nothing else. However, the GG4 strain turned out to be a thirsty one. She drank 2 liters per day, or 10% of the whole 20-liter volume of the container. The other reason for her needing so much water was certainly the heat. And it only got worse as the grow progressed.

In my GG#4 Original Glue review, I noted that this was a very resistant variety. She tolerated heat like it was nothing and also thwarted the attacks of whiteflies. And thrips, too. Those didn’t get a hold in my garden either, and not for the lack of trying lol.

In every other respect, it was just smooth sailing. My Gorilla completely filled her part of the ScrOG, was covered in flowers, and smelled great and very strong.

These Long Tightly-Stacked Colas Yield Big

Gorilla Glue #4 at Harvest

All I had to do in late flower was making sure my GG#4 Original Glue got enough water. The flowering tops were stacking up and filling out, forming long and dense colas. Btw, for flowering, I switched from a 250W HPS to a 400W one. It was enough light to penetrate all the way down to the ScrOG level. And below it, there was nothing but naked branches.

After 14 weeks, I chopped my big and gorgeous lady and harvested just under a pound (450 g) wet. This yielded a little over 1.5 ounces (100 g) when the drying was over. And this was just one out of 4 plants in the tent, although definitely the largest.

Gorilla Glue #4 seedsVIEW STRAIN

The smoke had a pleasantly sour and piney smell and produced exactly the high I like — a strong and long-lasting clear-headed focus of a dominant Sativa. In short, GG#4 Original Glue is a must-have both as a smoke and a cultivar. I recommend that everyone should try it someday. Happy growing!

Gorilla Glue #4 Final Yield

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