Kosher Sorbet Grow Report Based On My Own Grow Journal

Last updated: 23 April 2024

kosher sorbet by dna genetics grow diary

This was my second attempt at growing DNA Genetics Kosher Sorbet in hydroponics. I had botched the first one – not because there was anything wrong with the genetics, but because I hadn’t grown for a while and probably lost my touch. So I knew I had to rearrange my setup and dial in my environmental conditions to make the second round more successful.

kosher sorbet by dna genetics grow report

Organic Nutrients To Make Kosher Sorbet Even More Delicious

For this Kosher Sorbet grow, I chose the Botanicare line of 100% natural and organic nutrients and boosters. I used most of them at slightly lower doses than recommended, and the main feeding formula (Pure Blend Pro) at around half the recommended dosage.

It took me around 6 days to complete the germination and initial rooting of the seedling, and it began vegging in a 2-gallon (7.57-liter) reservoir under a Mars Hydro 300W LED (120 true watts).

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I started with plain water and added nutrients for the first time on day 2. These were Pure Blend Pro Grow, Cal-Mag Plus as a supplementary source of calcium, magnesium, and iron, Hydroguard to introduce beneficial bacteria into the root zone, and Liquid Karma, which promotes increased microbial colonization of the grow medium.

I started with TDS values of 320 ppm, then increased them to 475 in week 2. Starting from week 3, my ppms were hovering above 500, but no more than 575 for the entire grow except for the final few weeks. If you’re interested in my week-by-week feeding regimen, you can see all the details in my grow journal.

Let me tell you straight away that Kosher Sorbet strain gave me absolutely nothing to worry about: no deficiencies, no leaf discolorations, except one time when I spilled some nutrient solution on a fan leaf and didn’t wipe it off. Naturally, the leaf got burned a little.

Kosher Sorbet During Veg: Controlling The Growth

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The seedling was developing at a steady pace, and in week 2, it showed a lot of very actively growing side shoots. I promoted this side growth by fimming my Kosher Sorbet in week 3. Actually, I wanted to simply top her – the fimming was unintentional.

DNA Genetics Kosher Sorbet in hydroponics

In week 4, I had to defoliate, as the foliage was becoming too dense, especially in the middle. I also removed the bottom node from every branch in order to stimulate more active growth in the upper portion of the plant.

Throughout veg, the day/night temperature was 80°F/69°F (27°C/21°C), and I kept pH at a steady 5.8.

Kosher Sorbet Strain Flowering: A Very Wide And Dense Plant

Kosher Sorbet strain flowering

On the third day of week 5, I changed the light schedule from 18/16 to 12/12. For flowering, I used two 260W Quantum Boards in my 4x4 grow tent. As for the feeding formula, I decided not to switch to the flowering solution for a few more days yet.

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In week 6, I finally introduced Pure Blend Pro Bloom. The plant looked healthy and had a fairly even canopy, although it looked a little too dense. I don’t like to defoliate unless it’s absolutely necessary, but Kosher Sorbet seeds obviously grow into very branchy plants, so from time to time, I simply had to remove a fan leave here and there (if it was covering a bud site), and in the fourth week of flowering, I was forced to cut off about a dozen fan leaves and many lower bud sites. This slight lollipopping was meant to reduce the amount of larf at harvest.

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In week 7, the third week of flowering, I introduced Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer. It’s a PK booster (with other benefits), and I was hoping it would prevent the yellowing of upper fan leaves that I’d had before on several occasions. It seemed to work, and I would go on using Hydroplex for the next four weeks.

My Experience Growing Kosher Sorbet

Growing Kosher Sorbet – week by week

In week 10, the sixth week of flowering, when it was time to change the solution, I decided it was the right moment to drastically lower the ppm since in my previous grows, I used to do this too late and got some nutrient burn as a result. It worked fine, and besides some attractive yellowing on the top leaves, there seemed to be no issues. I kept topping off the rest with plain water, but there was a small amount of nutrients left in it. I thought they were necessary for some important processes inside the plant – probably my mistake. I should likely have given my Kosher Sorbet only plain water for at least two days before harvest.

For flowering, I lowered the day/night temperature to 74°F/67°F (23°C/19°C) and slightly increased the pH to 5.9. The plant looked beautiful with her flat canopy and close to twenty flower tops. I liked the way the buds were fattening, and the trichomes on the flowers and sugar leaves looked delicious. Looking back though, I think I should have lollipopped more aggressively and also removed more of the smaller branches to hit the sweet spot between yield and bud size.

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Some Post-Harvest Remarks On DNA Genetics Kosher Sorbet

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I chopped her down on day 63 of flowering with 5-10% amber trichomes. I could easily have given her another 3-5 days, but I prefer the effects of milky trichomes more than the sedation of amber ones. She yielded just over 6 oz (173g) of dry bud and 50-60g of sugar leaves. I was happy that I got the gelato and cookies-smelling pheno I was looking for. I also liked the high: it was uplifting, motivating, and happy, with a nice relaxing of the muscles. A very functional Indica, just the way I like it!

Kosher Sorbet Grow Diary

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