Top 5 Strongest Indica Strains

22 January 2020

Strongest Indica Strains

Oh, Indica! One of the two main subspecies of cannabis, it is universally adored by growers all around the globe – and for good reason! Whether you’re an experienced grower or just a casual smoker, there are just so many benefits behind the genetic profile and chemical composition of this strain. So, before we introduce the list of top 5 strongest Indicas, let’s clear the air on what makes Indicas so great.

  • Due to their origin, Indicas don’t mind getting a little chilly, so a wider number of regions is suitable for their outdoor cultivation.
  • If you prefer keeping your plants close and growing them at home, this is always a breeze with Indicas as well. After all, a compact and bushy plant is easier to find room for as well as take care of afterward.
  • Even the strongest of Indicas stay short until the very last days of their cycle, yet still manage to produce generous yields that are generally bigger than those of Sativas.
  • More often than not, Indica plants are thought of as less potent due to their lower THC content. Don’t be fooled – there are some incredibly heavy Indica strains out there!
  • Indicas are typically richer in CBD, one of the cannabinoids that gives them their medicinal qualities, than Sativas. For the same reason, many see Indicas as night-time strains, as they’ll get you happily stoned, locked to the couch, or just sleepy and hungry.

Rumor has it that Indica strains can feature extreme levels of potency that even Sativa lovers will envy. If you’ve ever wondered how far the possibilities of this strain can go and what the strongest Indica strains are in the world, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in to the list of top 5 strongest Indica strains! 

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Do-Si-Dos: THC Overload

Do-Si-Dos, an Indica-dominant marijuana variety by Big Head Seeds, rules the world of cannabis with its groundbreaking 30% THC. Boom! Wearing a camo of innocent minty-lime aroma and featuring the fresh taste of pine, this heavy-duty machinery of a strain is so potent it’s only recommended for experienced users. However, even these people won’t be able to move for hours, feeling like they’ve been pressed to the couch by literal tons of pure euphoria! Make sure you’re already comfortably seated before taking a hit and don’t dare smoking it during the day. Trust us, you won’t feel any need to move at all! The strongest Indica in the world? Quite possibly.

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Gorilla Breath: Primal Sedation In Huge Yields

The feminized Gorilla Breath produced by Humboldt seeds easily proves our statement about the increased productivity of Indicas. Have a seat first, because this powerful primate’s yields reach 120oz/plant (3500g/plant). Massive! On top of that, Gorilla Breath is an exceptionally heavy Indica strain testing at 27% THC. Its aroma of gasoline and pine is so pungent that it immediately clears your head and keeps you focused for hours of the unforgettable experience. Make it even better and share it on a night in with friends.

heavy indica strains

Wedding Cake: Your Tastiest Partner

Once you try Wedding Cake, you won’t be able to imagine life without it! One of the strongest Indicas in the world, this variety can make anyone fall in love with it after a single date. The incredible charm of Wedding Cake comes from its serious THC content of 25%. It provides an unforgettable euphoric and uplifting high – pure ecstasy layered between the luscious tastes and aromas of sweet cookie dough, berries, and some hash for an added kick. Suitable even for daytime consumption, Wedding Cake will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Say “I do” to this heavy Indica and feel like it’s the biggest day of your life… every day!

strongest indica strain in the world

Gorilla Zkittlez: Fruity Sleep-Aid

Gorilla Zkittlez by Barney’s Farm is an Indica that can add more color to your life. Hardy as a gorilla, this strain is resistant to colder temperatures and harsher climates. One of the strongest Indicas in the world both inside and out, when facing the cold, Gorilla Zkittlez will just laugh about it and produce beautiful pink and purple hues in response. True to its namesake, its buds taste and smell just like fruit candy, giving smokers the feeling of joy and content! However, it’s not only about fun – on top of everything else, this strain is used medicinally to treat chronic pain, insomnia and arthritis. Had a hard day? Finish it on a good note with Gorilla Zkittlez.

heavy indica strains

The Incredible Bulk: Monstrous Crops Made Easy

The Incredible Bulk might not be the strongest Indica strain on our list, but with its 24% THC, it’s definitely still one of the strongest Indicas in the world. A perfect all-rounder, this marijuana variety is well-known for being incredibly easy to grow, allowing growers to harvest a massive crop in as little as 49 days of flowering! If extra effort feels like a burden to you but you’d still love to snatch 50oz (1500g) from a single plant, The Incredible Bulk is a perfect choice. Dank, sour and sweet with hints of lemon in its taste, this heavy Indica is also known for its instant deep body and mind relaxation effect, making it a perfect all-over nighttime strain.

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