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Trip Report: My Signature Weed Brownies Made With Gorilla Zkittlez

Last updated: 20 September 2023

brownies made with gorilla zkittlez

It’s Saturday, early afternoon, and perfect weather for getting stoned. My best friend Amanda is coming over to introduce her new boyfriend, David, and I figured a fun way to get to know each other would be to indulge in a weed brownie or two. I grow my own pot and like to compare the effects of different strains.

Why I Chose To Make Gorilla Zkittlez Brownies

I’ve noticed that most reviews for Gorilla Zkittlez are some kind of a smoke report, so I made the decision to document my experience with the strain in edible form. I picked this strain because Gorilla Zkittlez is known for its heavy-hitting effects that are perfect for edibles. I grew this batch myself earlier this year, and the harvest was huge. I used a couple of ounces to make a big batch of cannabutter last month, and there’s still a good amount in the freezer. With that already prepped, this batch of edibles is as easy to make as regular brownies! I’ve made this recipe countless times and with a variety of strains, so I have it memorized. I’ve also added my own flair to this recipe – cannabutter isn’t the only secret ingredient. I also like to add dark chocolate and the zest of a whole orange.

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Our Stoner Group And The Setting

My friends are well-acquainted with my Saturday afternoon edible ritual and often come over to take part. As I said, I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count, and when I cut the brownies into eighths, I know that each is going to be dosed at around 18-20mg of THC – a solid dose for just chilling out with your friends and enjoying the weather. My upstairs neighbors, Laura and Mike, often come over to hang out and smoke pot, so they’re the first to arrive. By the time the brownies are out of the oven, cooled, and cut into portions, Amanda and David show up.

We get set up on the patio outside. The table is set with drinks, some snacks (including a fruit salad that Laura brought over), and the pot brownies. Everyone is chatting and laughing, and David and I exchange some pleasantries. I already know that everyone else has experience with smoking weed, and David tells me that he smokes occasionally as well.

the trip and my gorilla zkittlez

Let The Trip And My Gorilla Zkittlez Smoke Report Begin!

15:30 - So, my trip report on homemade weed edibles starts here. I pour everyone some ice-cold sweet tea, and we’re all chilling and munching on a brownie each, just soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the garden. As we wait for the edibles to kick in, we chat about what we’ve been up to the past week. David tells us a little about his job, his dog, where he went to college, etc. He seems like a cool guy and we get along pretty well so far.

16:30 - Amanda and I are already starting to feel it. I’m starting to notice my thoughts wandering and a slight shimmer in my perception of what’s around me. Amanda’s slumped down in her chair a little and is super smiley. David isn’t feeling anything and asks if he can have another brownie. A few of us start shaking our heads, and I tell him to give it another half hour or two before adding another dose. “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less!” Laura and Mike are also still waiting for it to kick in, but they’re veterans at edibles and know to wait a little longer. 

17:15 - David just came back from the bathroom with the funniest look on his face after being in there for almost ten minutes. “You okay?” Amanda asks, and he tells us how when he was washing his hands, he looked in the mirror and got super entranced by his appearance. He told us that it looked like his hair was dancing a bit, as if in a slight breeze. Laura tells him that sort of thing happens to her sometimes, and the rest of us agree that edibles can be slightly psychedelic.

18:00 - By now, all of us seem to be at our peak high. Focusing is pretty difficult, my eyes won’t open all the way, and I’m hyper-aware of my feet in my socks in my shoes. We all play a card game for a little while, but after a few rounds, decide it’s a lost cause – none of us are able to pay enough attention, Mike keeps forgetting the rules, us ladies are getting caught up in side conversations. We decide to call it quits on the games and instead just snack and chat. Cannabis growing season is over, but the garden is in bloom with lavender, nasturtiums, and other flowers that fill the evening air with floral notes. We all share a comfortable silence every now and then, letting the powerful effects wash over us.

19:00 - The body stone has set in by now. The sun is setting and the garden seems to expand in the shadows. I’ve got my lounge chair cranked all the way back, and I’m melting into it a little while I look up at the clouds.

20:00 - David treats us all to pizza, although Amanda had to make the order for him because he felt too anxious to talk on the phone. After an afternoon of cold drinks and fresh fruits, my stoner brain is ecstatic to put some greasy carbs and cheese into my body. “This is either the best pizza I’ve ever had, or I’m just super high,” David says. At this point, we’re sipping on a few beers, it’s dark out, and crickets are chirping in the near distance.

21:30 - By now, we’re all still a little stoned but nowhere near as baked as we were earlier. Mike and Laura retreat to their place. Amanda and David are going to crash on my pull-out couch since neither of them feels ready to drive.

22:30 - We throw on a movie and the two of them fall asleep about halfway through. I decide to call it a day as well.

What Can I Say, Great As Always!

gorilla zkittlez trip report

All in all, a great Saturday with friends, and I approve of Amanda’s boyfriend. Oh, and Gorilla Zkittlez is perfect for edibles. Thanks to such a special treat, we were able to grow close really quickly, share lots of laughs, and build a bond right away. If you get a chance to grow Gorilla Zkittlez cannabis strain, I highly recommend doing so!

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