Black Cherry Punch Grow Report: Naturally Bushy, High-Yielding Genetics

Last updated: 30 March 2024

Black Cherry Punch Grow Report

Hi mates! Check out my latest Black Cherry Punch grow. I chose Black Cherry Punch seeds by Pyramid because I had had two successful grows with their beans before — Watermelon Z and Do-Si-Dos. And this time, the result didn’t disappoint either.

Black Cherry Punch Grow Data List

I planted only one Black Cherry Punch, and after two transplants, she ended up in a 5-gallon smart pot. Despite hot weather, she did great in my greenhouse, was very bushy and grew multiple tops without much training. She brought me a couple of ounces of perfectly dense purple-colored buds with a fantastic smell.

And here are the details of this wonderful grow.

A Slow Start of My Black Cherry Punch Grow

I prefer to germinate seeds directly in the medium, so I planted my Black Cherry Punch into a jiffy cup filled with a soil/perlite mix. The seedling came up in time, but it was a mutant — there was only one cotyledon, and the first set of true leaves grew narrow and pinched.

I must say I’m not afraid of mutant seedlings. My previous experience has taught me that these little freaks come out as top performers compared with their better-looking mates. So I was giving my baby all the love and care she deserved, and, sure enough, she soon began to catch up with the rest of the girls in my garden.

I replanted her into a 0.7-gallon (2.65-litre) plastic pot in week 3 and then did another (and final) transplant in week 4. From the start, the lady looked like she wouldn’t need any training because the side branches started to develop early on, giving the plant a bushy and bulky appearance.

A Rich Diet Throughout

I’m never stingy with nutes and supplements, and, as you can see throughout my Black Cherry Punch grow report, the plant was getting lots of organic food and looked well-fed and happy.

Already in week 1, she was drinking a rich blend of Great White and URB Organic which populate the medium and the root zone with dozens of diverse microbial strains and mycorrhizal fungi. In the next two weeks, I started adding nutrients, as well — Iguana Juice, Terpinator, and Liquid Weight. Now, the lady was getting proper levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium plus micronutrients.

Only in the third week, Black Cherry Punch started moving through the field and catching up with the rest. I loved the way she grew more and more side branches and turned into a wide, stocky bush.

The Only Deficiency in This Whole Black Cherry Punch Grow Report

Growing tips for Black Cherry Punch

By week 6, the plant was still vegging, but I didn’t like the colour of the foliage — it had a too light shade of green. Like it was a nitrogen deficiency. So I decided to increase the doses of nutrients by introducing a new product — Grow Girls Grow with its 8–4–6 NPK. It seemed to help because the colour quickly improved.

By this time, the girl had become much wider than her final 5-gallon (18.93-litre) fabric pot but was kind of underwhelming in terms of the height. I only hoped that she would stretch when the flowering began.

The Flowering Starts on Schedule

I planted my Black Cherry Punch strain in the middle of summer, and did it on purpose. I didn’t need a monster tree at harvest because I prefer to grow several starins of a modest size. I was afraid she wouldn’t be mature enough to start flowering in time, but she was right on schedule, and in week 8 from seed, I discovered the first pistils.

The bush had a comfortable structure: gorgeous but not too dense, with medium-long internodes and narrow leaves that didn’t require much defoliation. I knew I would have to prune some of the least-developed branches and lollipop the buds that didn’t show any promise, but not at the moment.

Nice Stretch by the Third Week of Flowering

In three weeks after I saw the first pre-flowers, the girl got taller by a foot. Doesn’t sound like much, but she had so many branches—all of about the same length—that she looked quite big. Now she did require some serious defoliation and pruning because even the sunlight had trouble penetrating this dense bush.

Packing on Weight and Starting to Smell

In week 11, the budding was well underway: the flowers were stacking up and looking dense. And I removed those that didn’t. The buds and trim leaves were covered in resin and smelled like berries and kush. The tops were so many, I knew I’d get a great yield from my Black cherry Punch strain.

Around this time, I did a flush, not a pre-harvest one but just to to clean the medium of built-up salts before using the last batch of floweing nutrients. I kept fighting caterpillars which is a constant hedache in my greenhouse.

The weather was still very hot — around 30 °C (86 °F) during the day and only slightly cooler at night — but Black Cherry Punch doesn’t seem to mind hight temps. What’s even more amazing, she doesn’t need low night temperature to turn purple.

Trichome Watching — The Best Job in the World

It was the start of October and still too early for Black Cherry Punch to mature (according to the specs), but here, in the Carribbean, strains tend to finish a bit earlier so I began watching tricomes through a microscope. I didn’t want to miss the perfect window to chop my beauty.

The buds kept fattening up till the sixth week of flower, the smell of berries and dank was intoxicating. Every time I touched my shimmering goddess, my fingers seemed wet from all that sticky resin.

Black Cherry Punch Seeds For SaleVIEW STRAIN

Final Thoughts: Strong and Amazingly Delicious Genetics

After I had to nurse my sickly seedling in the first two weeks, my Black Cherry Punch didn’t give me one cause for alarm. A perfectly low-maintenance plant, with a great natural structure. If you don’t want to train or don’t know how, just let her grow the way Nature intended, and she’ll stay trim and compact, with dozens of equal-sized tight colas.

I want to conclude my Black Cherry Punch strain review with a praise for the strain’s awesome terpene profile: a real treat for Kush lovers and those who appreciate fruity freshness.

Black Cherry Punch final yield

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