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60 Day Wonder Autoflower Grow Report (DWC) - My Journey Growing A DNA Genetics Strain

Last updated: 28 September 2023

60 day wonder auto by dna genetics grow diary

Hi guys! Here’s a brief report on my DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder grown in a DWC setup. It was a totally rewarding experience that brought me just under 3 ounces of great buds and a beautiful high. The name of the strain totally caught my attention when I saw it – I was really curious if 60 Day Wonder would actually finish in 60 days.

DNA Genetics strains

I started the seedling in a rapid rooter, and on day 4 I could already see the tap root emerge from the bottom of the net pot – my personal record! The second set of true leaves had 3 leaves instead of a pair, but other than this harmless mutation, the plant seemed fine.

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Btw, I kept pH at 5.9 for the entire grow and TDS measurements were as follows:

60 Day Wonder Autoflower Grow Report

I added nutrients every 3-5 days or when ppm levels dropped to 150 or lower.

The Nutrients I Used In This Grow

The staples of my nutrient scheme were pH Perfect Grow, Bloom, and Micro, all by Advanced Nutrients. I more or less used the doses recommended by the manufacturer, but with a few tweaks of my own: while AN recommends 1 ml/l of each in week 1, 2 ml/l in week 2, and then 4 ml/l all the way to harvest, I was feeding my 60 Day Wonder Auto according to the following scheme:

  • Week 1 through 4 - 2 ml/l
  • Week 5 until harvest - 4ml/l

This doesn’t mean my ppm levels were too low in the first weeks, though. Nope, because I used double doses of Voodoo Juice (to stimulate root growth) and B-52 (for roots and stems and better cell replication). I eased on these two when the flowering really kicked in, basically replacing them with other Advanced Nutrients products like Big Bud, Bud Candy, Sensizym, and others. You can see all the week by week doses in my 60 Day Wonder Grow journal. I also had to add Botanicare Hydroguard in weeks 3, 4, and 6.

The First Problems With 60 Day Wonder Auto Were Imaginary

60 Day Wonder Autoflower by dna genetics grow report

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I was using top feed drippers until day 20, but then turned them off because the roots already looked healthy and robust enough. Throughout week 3, I was worrying a bit about some apparent yellowing of leaves, but it turned out it was just an optical illusion due to some other, taller plants in my 4x4 grow tent casting shadows on my 60 Day Wonder Auto.

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In weeks 4 and 5, the plant began its pre-flowering stretch, and I couldn’t do anything about it because my grow tent was overcrowded with other plants – there wasn’t even any space for LST. However, I liked my 60 Day Wonder’s multi-branch open structure. Besides the curious mutation of three fan leaves instead of a pair, I also got a stalk that forked between nodes – the first time I’d seen something like this.

The Flowering Begins, But The Plant Looks Weeks From Being Ready

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Week 6, and my 60 Day Wonder Auto finally got as much light as she needed because I’d chopped two mature and much taller plants and could now lower my LEDs. I also removed some larger fan leaves that shaded lower parts of the plant and began lollipopping (removing bud sites that were too far down below). However, I didn’t do all this at once so as not to stress my girl. 

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At this point, I was questioning myself: “When is 60 Day Wonder actually ready?” because it didn’t seem to me that I could chop mine after 60 days from seed. Buds were appearing everywhere, but there was still a long way to go, or so it looked to me. The trichomes became visible only in week 7.

60 Day Wonder Autoflower seeds produced a very good result

In week 8, the buds continued to grow and fill the spaces between nodes, but I was still looking forward to more fattening up. I did a second round of defoliation to let more light into the middle of the plant.

In The Final Two Weeks, 60 Day Wonder Auto Fulfilled All Her Promises

My Experience Growing 60 Day Wonder Auto

60 Day Wonder Auto strains

I was glad I’d decided to lollipop all branches because in week 9, the remaining buds became really fat and heavy, with no larf. The plant seemed to be approaching maturity. Sensing that my 60 Day Wonder Auto grow was coming to an end (rather unexpectedly), I began flushing on day 69 and soon harvested her.

60 Day Wonder Auto seeds

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For a plant that grew naturally, without topping, 60 Day Wonder Auto seeds produced a very good result – just shy of 3 ounces (81g, to be exact) of fat, massive buds caked in trichomes. I also got twice the usual amount of trim, very resinous and seemingly perfect for extracts or hash. The buds could have been denser maybe, but their overall quality was top-notch. 

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To sum it up, 60 Day Wonder Auto takes a bit more than 60 days from seed to harvest, even in hydroponics, and initially doesn’t look like a big yielder. However, the bud development in the last couple of weeks is stunning. 

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