How To Get Rid Of A High

Last updated: 14 July 2020

10 ways to get rid of a high

Most cannabis enthusiasts have been in a situation where they took that extra bite of an edible or that extra hit out of a bong and immediately thought, “Oh no. That was way too much and now I'm way too high.” If this ever happened to you, you may have panicked a bit and wondered to yourself, “Will this feeling ever go away?!” Luckily, there are many at-home remedies that you can try the next time you find yourself in a pothole and are unsure how to get out.

How Long Does A High Last?

Because the length of your high depends on many factors, such as consumption method, dosage, and individual variables, it can be hard to say exactly how long your personal high will last. However, we know that the average high can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours; again, this is dependent on your individual limits and method of cannabis consumption. If you want to get more information on how long the weed high typically lasts, check out our full guide.

Always Keep Calm, Cool And Collected

how to stop being high

It’s important to know your limits with weed before going into any situation, so as to not feel uncomfortable or find yourself contemplating how to get less high. Don't feel pressured to consume more than you’re comfortable with, and always take it slow; try not to smoke too much around people you don't know, as this can cause major anxiety. And if you do end up feeling too high, don't freak out – it won’t last forever, and you’ll be okay.

Ways To Get Rid Of A High

what to do if you get too high

If you ever find yourself in a situation as described above – feeling too high and overwhelmed, and wondering how to get rid of a high, fast – do not panic. The feeling may be uncomfortable, but you’re in no danger. Remain calm and try one of these tips to help you come down:

Embrace Your Munchies

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One way to help you in deciding exactly how to stop feeling high is to embrace your munchies and have something to eat. Replenishing your body with nutrients will already help you feel better, and fulfilling cravings and that rumbling in your stomach is also helpful in reducing your bad high. Eating is a familiar activity and will give you something to focus on, like taste and touch, instead of how uncomfortable it is to be high right now.

Always Stay Hydrated

what to do if you're too high on weed

If you’re wondering how to come down from a high, one of the first things you should do is make sure you’re properly hydrated. With dry mouth being one of the most common side effects of smoking weed, it’s already important to drink plenty of water. Dry mouth can be an uncomfortable side-effect and cause anxiety regardless, ultimately ruining your high. Keeping water close to you and taking slow, mindful gulps will help you relax and keep your focus on a familiar activity.

Use The Entourage Effect

The aforementioned effect is a mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than cannabinoids affect the psycho-activity of the plant. For example, if you ever wondered what it is that gives cannabis its unique smells and flavors, you can thank the terpenes in the flowers of cannabis. Terpenes are what gives weed its sometimes lemony, piney or spicy flavor profiles. According to the entourage effect, when you ingest substances with similar terpenes, you’re doing what’s known as terpene therapy: counteracting the terpenes in cannabis with the same terpenes in other substances.

sniffing lemon and pepper

Pop Some Peppercorns

Sniffing a peppercorn can be a form of terpene therapy to help you if you feel like you’re too high – even Neil Young himself swears by this method. Peppercorns contain caryophyllene, which is an antagonist to CB2 receptors in your body. Caryophyllene increases the sedating effects of THC and lessens the energetic, psychoactive side effects. Because of this, sniffing or even biting on a peppercorn will trigger your memory of the terpenes in cannabis and can aid in relaxing your high.

Squeeze A Lemon

Like peppercorns, the lemon note is also a terpene commonly found in many strains of cannabis. Squeezing a lemon and inhaling the scent of lemon juice, eating a lemon, or drinking lemon juice will produce a calming, sedative effect as it counteracts the terpenes in your system and helps you to stop feeling high. Lemons produce limonene, a calming agent, which will help reduce the negative symptoms of being too high. Limonene can also reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, helping you to come down from your high a lot faster.

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Get A Caffeine Buzz Going

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Having a cup of fresh coffee is another excellent option for getting rid of a high. THC, upon ingestion, will lower your blood pressure; this can cause feelings of unease and anxiety in a lot of people. Caffeine in coffee works by raising blood pressure and putting the body back into its normal state. Caffeine will also help you be more alert and awake, pulling your attention away from your bad state and in turn helping you to feel less high.

Unwind In The Bath Or Shower

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One way to calm down when high is to take a nice shower, or a relaxing bath if you have access to a bathtub. These are both ways in which to physically relax your body and take your mind off the discomfort of being too high in a certain situation. A shower or a bath will relax your muscles, and the feeling of water running over your body will also be distracting enough to shift your focus to something else.

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CBD Can Also Be Effective

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Another practical way to stop feeling high is to ingest some pure CBD by means of a medical bud, tincture or edible. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis which helps counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, lower anxiety levels, and lessen the panic and discomfort around being too high. CBD will also cause physical sensations of relaxation, helping you stay calm and bringing a feeling of comfort to your situation. Just make sure your CBD product does not contain any more THC.

Find Something Else To Do

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If you’ve exhausted all the methods mentioned above and are still feeling too high and want to stop the ride, take a walk and get some fresh air to relax. Put on a favorite television show or YouTube video, maybe even read a book or play a video game. These activities can all help to distract you from your high by putting your attention and focus onto something else for an extended period of time.

It's Bedtime

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If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with your high after trying all of the above tips, it might just be time to call it quits. Find somewhere comfortable to relax and take a nap or go to bed. Putting yourself in a sleeping position will relax your body and mind; take mindful breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will put your mind and body in a relaxed state and help you drift off to sleep. You will no doubt feel refreshed, rejuvenated and sober when you wake up.

Nothing To Worry About

Although there’s no way to get rid of your high and 100% of its symptoms straight away, there are many valid methods to counteract the symptoms of a pothole. Luckily, there are no long-term health risks associated with occasionally getting too stoned, and in the end, remember that you’ll be okay. Hopefully, you can find a method that works for you, and which will help you out in any future situation where you’re feeling too high and are wondering how to get out of that state.

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