How To Roll A Blunt: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Last updated: 10 December 2023

easy way to roll a blunt

One of the most classic and quintessentially cool ways to smoke weed is the blunt. Whether you hit a rolled up blunt on the reg or are more prone to smoking pot from a pipe, knowing how to roll a blunt is a good skill for any cannabis consumer to possess.

If you’re new to the blunt rolling world, consider this written especially for you. The following is all you need to know about rolling the perfect blunt.

What Is a Blunt, Anyway?

Heard about blunts but aren’t quite sure what they are? No worries, everyone who smokes weed starts somewhere. A blunt is basically just weed wrapped up in an emptied cigar roll instead of a rolling paper.

Blunts are popular because a lot of people love the buzz that comes from the tobacco wrap the weed is rolled in. Others like the option of different flavors that blunt wraps and cigarillos are available in.

Blunts Vs. Joints: What’s The Difference?

what do you need to roll a blunt

Blunts and joints are similar in that they’re both weed rolled up in a smoking paper. The biggest difference is the type of paper the weed is rolled in. While joints are rolled up in rolling papers, blunts are rolled in blunt wraps or hollowed-out cigars or cigarillos.

Blunts are bigger than the average joint, and the paper they’re rolled with contains tobacco. Blunts also contain a distinct aroma and flavor. Flavored blunt wraps or high-quality cigar paper offer an entirely different experience than unflavored rolling paper.

Do Blunts Get You Higher Than Other Ways of Smoking Weed?

Most seasoned stoners will tell you that blunts get you higher than smoking a joint or a bowl. However, while the tobacco in the blunt wrap or cigar paper might give you a more heightened buzz, there’s no proof that blunts actually get you higher. The idea behind this really comes down to how much weed is inside them.

A good-sized joint might have about a gram of weed, but blunts can contain 2-3 grams or more. This is why people feel “higher” when smoking a blunt, although if you were to smoke the same amount of weed that’s in a blunt some other way, you’d more or less be just as high.

How To Roll The Perfect Blunt

With that covered, it’s time to actually learn how to roll a blunt. Read on and get ready for blunt rolling perfection.

What Do You Need To Roll a Blunt?

The following is all you need to :

  • Your favorite cannabis strain (about 2-3 grams)
  • Blunt wraps, a cigar or a cigarillo
  • A grinder – optional, but can help grind up your bud to rolling perfection.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Roll A Blunt

Now that you have all of the necessary equipment lined up, it’s time to get rolling!

rolling the perfect blunt

Step One: Grind Up Your Weed

Use your grinder (or fingers) to break up your weed. To learn more about how to grind weed, read our special article.

easiest way to roll a blunt

Step Two: Open Up Your Blunt Wrap

If you’re using a cigar or cigarillo, you’ll need to carefully cut the paper lengthwise to open it up to remove the tobacco. If you’re using a blunt wrap, you can skip this step.

Step Three: Moisten Your Blunt Wrap

A little moisture goes a long way when rolling a blunt. Most people will just lick both sides of the paper for good even moisture. If this isn’t appealing to you, try using your finger and a small amount of water.

how to roll a blunt with a cigar

Step Four: Stuff Your Blunt Paper

Take your broken up cannabis flower and begin to place it in an even layer in your blunt paper. You’ll find that just about a gram is enough to fill a cigarillo wrap, but if you’re going for a bigger blunt, go ahead and fill your paper with up to 2-3 grams.

rolling a blunt

Step Five: Roll Up Your Blunt

Taking the blunt wrap between your fingers, begin to roll the weed evenly throughout the paper. After you’ve got it packed tightly and shaped just right, tuck and fold the wrap like you would a joint. 

how to make a blunt

Step Six: Seal It Up

Blunt wraps don’t have the sticky glue to hold them together like rolling papers. You’ll need to “cook” your blunt to ensure it’s sealed, which is easily done by carefully running the flame of a lighter over the blunt’s exterior, without actually touching the flame to the paper. Keep moving it up and down the blunt for a couple of minutes and you’re good to go.

roll a blunt

Step Seven: Smoke That Rolled Up Blunt!

The final step of rolling a blunt? Smoking it, of course! Light that baby up and enjoy the fruits of your blunt-rolling labor.

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Final Thoughts On Blunt Rolling

Blunts are a classic when it comes to consuming cannabis. All you really need is some good weed and a blunt wrap, cigar or cigarillo. Combined with a little bit of patience during the learning curve, you’ll soon be rolling blunts like a pro.

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