Critical Kush Smoke Report: Super Narcotic After a Long T-Break

Last updated: 6 September 2021

Critical Kush Trip Report

Hi guys! I have grown just one Critical Kush plant so far, so this Critical Kush smoke report is just an opinion. It’s not based on much experience. Anyway...

The Critical Kush strain I grew smelled like overripe fruit in late flower. The smell of the buds, when they were curing, was different in every jar: pine, fuel, skunk, lemon. Some were musty and funky. The taste of the smoke was earthy like a high-quality Indica. The stone was super potent, euphoric, and narcotic.

A Gradual Harvest For My Barney's Farm Critical Kush

A Gradual Harvest For My Barney's Farm Critical Kush

It so happened that I grew my Critical Kush during the longest tolerance break of my life. And I didn’t smoke-test any of it until after a proper cure.

My Critical Kush pheno was not especially tall but with long internodes and generously spaced golf-sized buds, as hard as apples. I harvested them in increments, starting from the top on day 57 and finishing the lower ones after 70+ days. The perfect harvest window in my case was probably 63-65 days — when most of the trichomes were milky but there were enough amber ones too.

Every Jar Was Different

Every Barney's Farm Critical Kush review that I had read before I bought the seeds described the flavor and the smell differently. And that was okay. What I didn’t expect was that my buds from just one bush would smell so differently. Probably, that was due to gradual harvesting. I especially liked the stuff with a strong aroma of fuel, but there were also buds with skunky notes, and with citrus sweetness, and with a more heavy smell of overripe rotting fruit, and of course pine.

Critical Kush Smoke Report

Critical Kush Smoke Report

For my first test smoke, I chose a gas-smelling bud harvested in the 10th week of flowering. When I broke it up in the grinder, the aroma became insanely pungent, with a strong fruity background. I had a lot of finger hash because the Critical Kush strain is so resinous. So I added several crumbs of it when I was rolling my joint.

Harsh Due to Extreme Potency

I planned to finish the whole joint in one go but couldn’t. The first hit was super harsh on the throat and lungs and I couldn’t stop coughing. I had become a very lightweight smoker during my T-break. I started to make shallower tokes now and breathe in more air than smoke. Now I could discern the smells, and the domineering note was that of earth (which I like the best).

Critical Kush is a Very Strong Smoke

I was about halfway through my J when I knew I had to lie down pronto, or I would white out. My girlfriend said I looked like a freakin vampire—very pale, almost greenish, with red eyes—and my hands were cold. I half-crawled to the couch in the living room, on the verge of blacking out.

When I got to the couch and turned on my laptop, I felt instantly better. No danger of passing out now, and there was that euphoric buzz in my whole body that melted all the soreness in muscles and joints after a heavy workout earlier. The euphoria was especially intense in my face and chest.

Perfect for Binge-Watching Old TV

Perfect for Binge-Watching Old TV

I decided to re-watch a favorite show of mine on Netflix for the hundredth time. My girlfriend passed of course and went to bed. I watched the show for more than three hours, and it was fun throughout. No wandering thoughts, very focused and engaged, with a huge grin glued to my face like a mask. Literally glued because my lips stuck to my gums because of the cottonmouth. It was the only discomfort from my first Critical Kush smoke.

And I also couldn’t bring myself to get up and go grab something from the fridge. Besides, I was afraid to collapse. When the effect began to wear off, it was also very late, and I began to doze off. So I zombie-walked to the bedroom, hitting every wall and piece of furniture in the dark, and then I slept like a baby.

Critical Kush Smoke Requires Some Easing Into

Frankly, I wouldn’t finish that first joint for a long time. I proceeded with vaping the trim the next day and for at least a couple of weeks. In my vape, the stuff was even more earthy, with subtle fruity notes. The effect of the trim was heavier on the eyelids and more sleepy, but at least it prepared me for going back to buds again. I don’t mean the tolerance build-up. There was none. What I mean is knowing what to expect and going easy on the dosages.

Main Takeaways from my Critical Kush Review

Well, it’s not a real, full-fledged Critical Kush strain review because my experience was with only one plant. However, this is what I can say of it:

  • the flavor and effect depend on harvest time, and I liked mine at exactly the peak — with most trichs milky and just a few ambers,
  • the stone is ultra-strong and needs some easing into,
  • the main effects are complete body relaxation and a euphoric body buzz,
  • Critical Kush is great medicine for pains and aches.

I will definitely grow this strain again because I have a few Critical Kush seeds left. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nighttime smoke or a potent medicine or for those who love strong euphoric body buzz. Happy growing and stay blazed!

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Big fan. The best indica i ever tasted ❤️ I sleep like a baby
You won't be disappointed by this one!! This is my new go to for therapeutic purposes. First time I used this, I was in a lot of pain, emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted, and couldn't get my body or mind to relax for anything. Within 15-20 min I could feel the tension and pain dissipating. Nothing has relieved my pain, physical or mental, like this beauty.
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