My LSD Strain Grow Diary With Grow Info and Tips for the Whole Grow Time

Last updated: 8 December 2022

LSD Cannabis Strain Grow Report

Hi, everybody! My latest LSD strain grow diary is anything but ordinary (you’ll soon see why), but I’m still happy to provide some useful information for you to grow this weed like a pro in your own garden. As for those of you who are still on the fence about buying these seeds, I hope this strain review will be enough for you to make a choice.

I grew my one LSD weed plant from a clone that I took from a plant that was 4 weeks into flowering. They call this method monster cropping, and, in fact, this cutting really did turn into a monster, bringing me 11+ ounces (316 grams) of dry bud – amazing stuff, considering that I was only running a 240W quantum board! So, the yields were way more than a gram per watt.

LDS cannabis strain grow conditions and techniques

Revegging the Clone

As I said, I took the cutting from a flowering plant when it already had little buds on it, and it took me two months to revert it to vegetative growth. It would neither grow nor die, as if everything was put on hold.

LDS cannabis strain vegetative stage

Finally, my baby LSD began growing, and I immediately transplanted her into a 20-liter air pot and put her under a 150W COB. She recovered from re-potting quickly, which is how this grow started. By the way, I loved the air pot – with its dozens of holes in the sides – because the root system was super-dense by harvest time and not rootbound at all.

LSD cannabis seeds for saleVIEW STRAIN

Grow Tent Conditions

I must say that all of the key environmental variables were way off the mark in this LSD run. It was so hot that the day temps were about 90-91°F (32-33°C) throughout the whole life cycle, and it wasn’t much cooler with the light off – 86°F (30°C). I also failed to bring down the relative humidity to less than 60%. All this was more or less okay in veg but led to issues during the flowering stage. However, in a season like this and in my small 2x3 grow tent, there was only so much that I could do.

The Vegetative Stage: Training a Monster

They say that taking a clone from a budding plant brings you an insanely bushy offspring. That was exactly what I got. If I knew this in advance, I probably wouldn’t have performed the FIM technique on my LSD. However, it all worked out fine as I installed a ScrOG net, and long before the flowering stretch was over, the plant filled it completely.

It took me about 4 weeks of tucking, and halfway through those weeks, I switched to 12/12 to induce flowering. Very soon, my LSD lady started to change the color of her tops from green to yellowish, and then the pistils began to form, heralding the start of flowering.

The stretch quickly started as well. My LSD baby went from just 5-8 inches (12-20 cm) in height to 37+ inches (95 cm). I kept raising the light and eventually ran out of vertical space. Luckily, it was around this time that the stretch also stopped. By this point, the distance between the tops and the light was critically short at 16-18 inches (40-45 cm).

Fertigating on Autopilot

ScrOG is a very labor-intensive method, so I was glad I didn’t have to hand-water my LSD too – that was taken care of by an automatic drip system. I didn’t use different nutrients either – just the staple main fertilizer (Ecogan Perfect N/P/K 5/3/8) and a Cal-Mag supplement ‘til the final flush.

It was a 100% soil grow (well, soil plus perlite), and I know that soil buffers the nutrients beautifully – anything the plant needs, it takes from the soil, and anything it doesn’t goes into the run-off. I only had to make sure that I never exceeded the recommended dosages. However, the TDS wasn’t that low either – about 800 ppm (1.6 EC). The bottom line is that only two products served me from start to finish, and whatever small issues I might have had, the nutrient schedule wasn’t one of them.

More Trellising Needed

My ScrOG practically served one purpose only: it allowed me to spread the branches over the whole surface area of my tent. It didn’t provide much support, though. When the buds began to form, I made two tiers of strings so that the outer branches wouldn’t bend and lean out of the tent. However, the colas kept filling out and became so heavy that I had to support each with a yo-yo. Without them, they would’ve snapped the branches for sure.

A Few Rounds of Defoliation

The branches were so many and so close to each other that I had to defoliate a few times and quite heavily. Every bud site beneath the screen was removed, but I didn’t lollipop many lower buds above the screen. That was probably my mistake, but not a grave one – they still contributed to the final yield.

With a thick, rainforest-like canopy like this and a high RH, I was constantly worried about mold, but my fears never eventuated. The defoliation must have helped a bit, but so did the four PC case fans that were blowing air from beneath the ScrOG. Btw, I also took a few branches as clones and again when my LSD was already flowering.

LSD Strain Flowering Time

According to what’s written in Barney’s Farm characteristics, their LSD strain finishes flowering in 9-10 weeks, or more specifically, 60-65 days. I don’t doubt that it’s feasible, but in my case, the flowering took longer. I know the reason – the temps were just too high.

When it’s too hot, weed buds often start to foxtail – they form more and more new flowers on top of the old ones, giving the colas an untidy and bloated look with many tapering spires. I believe this is what happened to my LSD girl. The problem with foxtailing is that the flowering seems never to end. When the pistils are all brown and mature on old calyces, new ones form every day and appear as white as in the first week of 12/12.

With my LSD, I postponed the harvest a couple of times, and when I finally did chop her, I was sure she could’ve gone for a couple of weeks more. She didn’t smell that much either – again, likely because of too high temps. Here’s hoping that someday, I’ll grow LSD again and see how she performs in optimal conditions.

Harvest: Amazing Results Nonetheless

LDS cannabis strain harvest & curing

As I mentioned earlier, the harvest was truly epic at 316 g (11.15 oz) – this is one of the perks of monster cropping. Excellent genetics was the other reason, of course. LSD is a great indoor hybrid with a venerable lineage and rich history that will make any grower happy.

I for one appreciated the way she grew and performed, and I also found her THC levels and effects top-notch. The high was 100% Sativa – probably because new immature calyces kept forming ‘til the very end – and it made me very relaxed and euphoric but somehow also sleepy on the comedown.

I think I lost too many terpenes to the heat, but those that remained gave the smoke an absolutely delicious flavor. The smell combined fruity/citrus notes with a heady aroma of diesel fuel, and this was all retained in the taste. It was a very rewarding smoke at the end of a fabulous grow. I wish everyone the same great experience growing their own LSD by Barney’s Farm. Thanks for reading my grow journal and best of luck!

LDS cannabis strain harvest and yield

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