Wedding Glue Auto Grow Diary with Strain Review and Tips

Last updated: 27 March 2024

wedding glue auto grow report

While I have grown several other strains, Wedding Glue Auto has been one of my favorites thus far. I haven’t seen any grow logs on this strain before so I wanted to share my experience with fellow growmies who might be exploring the same strain. This time around, I grew a Wedding Glue Auto seed together with two other autos from Fast Buds.

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First of all, Wedding Glue Auto seeds grow well. They’re great for all levels of experience as a cannabis grower since they’re resistant to stress and can respond very well to LST and defoliation. In addition, this girl requires no fancy nutrient schedule in case you want to maximize yields this way. However, the plants might need a little extra care when it comes to canopy management.

I germinated these weed seeds in a glass of water – this is the best way to “activate” your seeds if you want to save money (which I did). It also seems like people are having a lot of success with this technique. My seeds popped in the glass within two days, and after day 4, the tail was roughly 10 mm. Once the Wedding Glue Auto seed germinated, I quickly transplanted it into a 45-liter pot. When it came to choosing the medium, I kept it simple with expanded clay.

Wedding Glue Auto Grow Diary: Veg

Overall, it went well, but at first, I felt that my Wedding Glue plant didn’t grow fast enough. However, I still chose to pull her through. Since I struggled to keep the RH above 45%, I restricted the fresh air intake for next week. I also wasn’t happy with the Exhale Bag’s CO2 production, so I made adjustments by adding a CO2 bag (it’s worth noting that some growers say the most beneficial time for CO2 is the first three weeks of flowering, so it’s too early to add it while in veg).

At the beginning of week 2, I faced some issues with nutrient deficiency (keep in mind that the reverse-osmosis filter system tends to remove all the minerals as well!). Luckily, everything worked out just fine after I added a little CalMag Agent, and the plants recovered within a day.

When it came to CO2, I stopped trying to maintain concentrations of 1000-1200 because it was almost impossible to maintain tolerable growing conditions temperature- and humidity-wise.

Low-Stress Training Started Early

I started low-stress training my Wedding Glue Auto plant 3 weeks in. More specifically, I used the tie-down method. When the plant is still small and easy to work with, it's easier to let it grow into the size you want rather than end up surprised when it grows huge after 3 weeks. This way, it doesn't seem so shocking if it grows too large and you run out of vertical space. This is also when I started using ScrOG to utilize every little bit of my small growing space.

The instructions on how much food to feed them were also very helpful in making sure I gave them the right amount at the right time! It made things go smoothly because I knew exactly what would happen each day.

By week 4, I had already started to remove the leaves from my plant; this needs to be done to allow the growing points shaded by other leaves to receive sunlight. This is entirely sensible – however, I do believe that many growers overdo defoliating and end up stripping all of the foliage off their plants just because they look beautiful in bloom. While it may seem like a good idea at first glance – as defoliation often makes them look fuller – it seldom leads to increased yields. The jury's still out though!

By week 6, I was seeing tons of new growth as the plant was switching from veg to bloom. I moved her into a taller flowering tent while increasing calcium and magnesium levels, and she seemed to love these changes.

Wedding Glue Auto Grow Diary: Flower

My Wedding Glue Auto was now in the flowering stage, and at first, I wasn’t that impressed with the results, with my other two plants growing much faster. I noticed a significant growth spurt about 2 weeks into the flowering stage, but the real boost came in week 9, when I even had to trim her back massively to prevent her from overtaking the other plants. Later on, I came to regret that decision because she turned into a real beast.

I adjusted the nutrients further down and opened up the canopy with some more LST in week 10 so that each of the remaining tops got maximum exposure. This girl did a great job of filling the internodal spaces with buds, making my mouth water.

Wedding Glue Auto has some amazing buds, as you can see from the pictures. The resin glands are huge, which is great because this means more terpenes will be secreted during the curing process, resulting in high-potency flowers. The leaves were strong and didn’t seem to be wilting at all, which was also a good sign because it meant there was enough light and that my plants had access to plenty of nutrients.

To increase production, I top-dressed with potassium fertilizer every few days in order to ensure there were plenty of nutrients available for the roots to absorb during the final stages of the flowering cycle.

Wedding Glue Auto Grow Diary: Harvest

I harvested my Wedding Glue Auto at the 15th-week mark and found her to be very dense, with frosty white crystals and pink hairs that were tightly bundled. The yields were so big that I had to harvest her in two steps, as the buds in one area of the plant were much further along.

I'm really excited about how rewarding the experience was! In the end, I harvested 306 g (10.79 oz) of dry buds with an aromatic and delicious terpene profile featuring a sweet vanilla fragrance. However, I’m happy to have the tent empty again, as I didn't expect her to take 15 weeks to grow.

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Wedding Glue Auto Review

This strain was easy to grow, and while she didn’t show impressive growth at first, she ended up turning into an absolute monster. I believe that she grew so big because she flowered later than the other two plants.

Also, a couple of words about this strain’s effects: in the beginning, it gives you a potent high; after that, you feel very productive and then experience a sense of relaxation. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using it before going to sleep or, if you’re an inexperienced user, too early in the day, as its effects will definitely make you change your plans.

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