Mimosa x Orange Punch Grow Diary with Strain Review and Tips

Last updated: 30 August 2022

Mimosa x Orange Punch Grow Diary

Hi, guys! In my Mimosa x Orange Punch grow diary, I’ll share my first (and only) experience with this strain. She turned out so amazing that I want to repeat it, and I would recommend this weed to growers of any skill level.

I had this Mimosa x Orange Punch grow completely in autopilot mode, employing only the most basic training techniques (LST and ScrOG) and using just one nutrient product throughout most of the grow. As a result, my Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch girl produced an amazing amount of premium bud after 5 weeks of veg and 9 weeks of flowering.

Mimosa x Orange Punch growing conditions

Mimosa x Orange Punch Grow Diary: Veg

I grow my weed in a 2.2 m2 grow tent in a continuous cycle where each of the plants is at a different stage of its life. My Mimosa x Orange Punch weed was to be the star of the show, so I built the light schedule around her and let the rest of the girls adapt as best as they could. She spent 5 weeks in veg under 18/6, after which I switched to 12/12 ‘til harvest.

The breeder billed this Indica/Sativa hybrid as invariably compact, and every Mimosa x Orange Punch grow report that I saw online confirmed that. I couldn’t afford her getting too tall.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Seeds For SaleVIEW STRAIN

No Starter Home For This One

From the moment the seed germinated, I planted it into a 16-liter smart pot. I made a 90% potting soil, 10% perlite mix for better aeration. I’ve experimented with different ratios and this one works just fine for me; the more perlite you have, the more often you have to water, and the less perlite, the greater risk there is of overwatering, especially in the first few weeks. I also added about a centimeter of Hydroton pebbles to insulate the top layer of soil from too much light and heat and to avoid evaporation.

Using a big container filled with soil may lead to some issues with the frequency and the amount of watering while the seedling is tiny, but I learned long ago to pour just the right amount around the base of the stem. I also had to locally raise the relative humidity by covering the seedling with a transparent plastic cup. My RH typically hovers around 40% (too low for the seedling stage), and I can’t raise it because some of my autos are always in flower. Besides that, in winter, the air gets too dry.

As for the temperature, I timed my grow perfectly. It was still quite warm at the beginning of the grow cycle, and when my Mimosa x Orange Punch strain began to flower, the temps decreased a bit. They were in the low to mid-20s during the day and between 17 and 20 °C at night.

LST Started Early

The plant stayed ultra-compact and short, and she looked tiny for her big grow bag. However, she was developing at a good rate, and I started to low-stress train her in week 3 – first by bending the main stem and fixing it with a rubber band, then by tying down every side branch.

Most growers wouldn’t bother training a seedling that stays so close to the ground (because of all those hundreds of watts pounding upon her from above), but I like to keep my weed low and do everything so as not to let it stretch. Keeping a plant so flat and spread out (and then installing ScrOG) makes it a challenge to hand-water, but this is a trade-off I’m willing to put up with. At least all the bud sites wind up being the same distance from the light and have the same size and texture, and that’s what matters in the end.

ScrOG as a Way of Support Rather Than Training

I didn’t install the ScrOG net ‘til the second week of 12/12 when the plant was only 37 cm (14.5”) tall. By that time, the tops looked like they were about to start flowering – they changed color from darker green to light green, and the new leaves on top became extra narrow and started to resemble pistils.

I know that most growers use ScrOG in veg to direct the branches sideways until the canopy fills the entire area. Only after that, they switch to 12/12. However, in my case, I only tuck the fastest-growing shoots under the mesh for about two weeks and then stop with the training altogether. The ScrOG came in handy later on to support the branches heavy with buds.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Grow Diary: Flowering

The flowering time is perhaps the least exciting part of my Mimosa x Orange Punch grow journal. I didn’t even need to radically change the feeding schedule. Normally, you’d use some product rich in nitrogen (N) for veg and then switch to something that doesn’t contain much N but has plenty of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during flowering. However, in this Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch grow, all the plant’s needs were covered by just one product – Hybrids Powder by Green House Feeding.

This formula is supposed to be ideal – the only one to be used throughout the life cycle of a typical Sativa/Indica hybrid with a flowering time of about 8 weeks. Mine took 9 weeks, but as you’ll see, I couldn’t have hoped for a better result. For the first two weeks, I wasn’t even bothering with extra nutrients, as 16 liters of soil offers more than enough food, and then began to introduce Hybrids Powder ever so slowly. I let the dosages peak in mid-flower and then let them taper off toward harvest.

From mid-veg and right up to the final flush, I also used Green House Feeding Booster, which is a source of P and K as well as magnesium and all necessary micronutrients. This is just how simple my approach to feeding was. It didn’t prevent my Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch from stacking up and filling out nicely, producing a huge amount of resin that strongly smelled of citrus fruit.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Review

The final result was everything I like about good weed. I got just over 400 grams (14.29 oz) of closely-trimmed, beautiful buds that were all of the same size and texture and very easy to trim. These round golf-sized nuggets had a purple color, which added to their overall bag appeal. They had a terrific smell of lemons and oranges with notes of mint, and the high was pure Sativa, with waves of happiness and energy and lots of creative thoughts.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Grow Tips

I probably won’t do anything differently the next time I grow this strain. Well, maybe I’ll try some other nutrients to let her starve for nitrogen during the flowering stage, as this might add to the quantity and quality of the product. More importantly, be sure to keep the canopy short and flat, as in my case, that led to the buds being very uniform in their look and feel. Also, keep in mind that in order to bring out the purple color, you need to keep down night temps.

These are my tips for achieving an extra-quality harvest. However, the Mimosa x Orange Punch strain is perfectly easy to grow, and I’m sure she’ll deliver even if abused and neglected. Happy growing, folks!

Mimosa x Orange Punch Final Yield

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I grew some mimosa/orange punch. This is almost done. Seeds from herbies. One cola 12+ inches another just short of 12. Great looking so hoping potency is high.
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