Jolly Rancher Edibles Recipe in 8 Easy Steps

Last updated: 6 January 2022

Jolly Rancher Edibles Recipe in 8 Easy Steps

We’ve all heard of weed gummy bears and space cakes, but transforming your favorite hard candy into a delicious cannabis delight is where the magic really happens!

In this THC Jolly Rancher recipe, we show you how to take store-bought hard candy of your choice, and make your own cannabis-infused Jolly Ranchers for a tasty, fun, long-lasting experience.

Jolly ranchers come in all colors and flavors, so why not add your daily weed dose to the mix? This recipe is simple and fast, using crushed Jolly Ranchers and a marijuana tincture of your choice. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Why Use Jolly Ranchers to Make Edibles?

When using gummies and baked goods as edibles, one dose goes down in a couple of seconds to minutes and after waiting for the effects to kick in they tend to hit you all at once, especially in potent edibles.

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The beauty of a Jolly Rancher edible is that you can slowly suck away at the hard candy over a longer period and enjoy a more gradual onset of effects. Dosing with a Jolly Rancher is also very discreet, enjoyable out in public or amongst friends and family without attracting attention.

This Jolly Rancher edibles recipe is also one of the fastest ways to make edibles, with very few specific ingredients needed. All you need is hard candy, marijuana tincture, and water!

You can also choose to make cannabis hard candies from scratch using sugar, corn syrup, and your own flavors. But if you’re looking for the easy way in, this recipe is for you.

What You Will Need to Make THC Jolly Ranchers

Before you get started with the recipe, make sure you have all your ingredients and equipment on hand as this recipe tends to go quite fast and you wouldn’t want your candy mixture to set while you’re searching for molds in the cupboard!

What You Will Need to Make THC Jolly Ranchers


- 1 x 3.8oz (100g) bag of Jolly Ranchers or equivalent

- ¼ Cup of water

- 100mg Cannabis tincture (or tincture of choice)

- Powdered sugar (optional)

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- Coffee grinder/ strong blender

- Pot

- Stovetop

- Silicone ice-tray/ lined baking tray

- Mixing spoon (preferably a silicone scraper)

- Candy thermometer (optional)

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you’ve got everything ready and waiting, follow these simple steps, and your cannabis-infused Jolly Ranchers will be ready in no time!

Step 1: Crush your Jolly Ranchers

Step 1: Crush your Jolly Ranchers

Using your coffee grinder or blender, crush your Jolly Ranchers up until they are broken into tiny pieces. If you don’t have a suitable grinder, you can place your candies in a thick freezer bag, and break them down using a rolling pin or hammer.

Note: We recommend crushing and cooking same color Jolly Ranchers separately for a tastier, better-looking end result. If you crush all colors at once, your weed Jolly Ranchers will most probably turn unappetizing brown. Another solution is to use 3.8oz (100g) of Jolly Ranchers of the same color.

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Step 2: Melt on medium-high heat with water

Step 2: Melt on medium-high heat with water

On medium-high heat, melt together your crushed Jolly Ranchers and ¼ cup of water until fully dissolved. Stir minimally if required. If you separate different colors from each other, divide water between them equally.

Step 3: Once dissolved, turn heat up until candy reaches 295°F

Using a candy thermometer, measure the temperature of your mixture while you turn up the heat on your stove. Once the candy reaches 295°F (145°C), it is ready for step 4.

Note: This step is optional, but will help your candies mix and harden better.

Step 4: Remove from stove and add your tincture

Remove your pot from the stove and allow to cool for a minute before adding in your tincture. If you used a candy thermometer, wait until the temperature falls to at least 275°F (135°C).

Add in your desired amount of the cannabis tincture of your choice. If you want more potent candies, add more tincture or use one with a higher potency. If you want to make CBD Jolly Ranchers, simply use a CBD tincture made from a CBD weed.

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Step 5: Gently mix until oil sheen is less visible

Carefully mix your tincture into the melted Jolly Ranchers until the oil sheen (if it is an oil-based tincture) becomes less visible. Try to mix it in as evenly as possible for more consistent doses.

Step 6: Quickly pour into molds

Step 6: Quickly pour into molds

Before your mixture starts to set, quickly decant it into your silicone mold, or use a teaspoon to place drops of the mixture onto a lined baking tray. Be sure to use your spoon, or a silicone scraper to get as much of your mixture out as possible.

Step 7: Set aside to cool naturally (Do not place in fridge!)

Place your tray in a cool, dry area to set naturally for a few minutes or up to an hour. You want your candies to harden completely before removing from the tray.

Step 8: Remove from tray and store

Now that your cannabis-infused Jolly Ranchers are ready, place them in a container with some powdered sugar. The powdered sugar is optional, but it helps to keep them from sticking to each other and can also help with sweetness, as some tinctures may affect the final flavor.

Jolly Rancher Edible: Recipe Extra’s and Potency

Before you indulge in your new Jolly Rancher edibles, be sure to work out the dosage per candy to avoid any unexpected nonsensical social media posts or messages leaving your friends scratching their heads, wondering what you’ve been smoking.

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How potent will my cannabis-infused Jolly Ranchers be?

The potency of your weed Jolly Ranchers depends on the tincture you used and the size of each candy. For example, if you used a tincture with 100mg, and your mold made 10 candies, each candy will be a 10mg dose of your tincture.

If you want milder candies, use a smaller mold to make more candies with your mixture or use a milder tincture. You can also break candies in half, however, it is better to have milder candies and eat two or three for a stronger dose than to break them up for a milder one.

Either way, whenever you make edibles, always start with the smallest dose to test out the potency. If the effects are light, do not eat more straight away, try a larger dose the next day just to be safe.

Tips for a Fun Outcome

Here are a few great ways to make this Jolly Rancher edibles recipe more fun or more potent:

  • Use a fun silicone mold to turn your Jolly Rancher edibles into interesting shapes.
  • Make an ultra-potent THC Jolly Rancher recipe using decarbed BHO instead of tincture. You can decarb BHO by placing your desired dose on a sheet of baking paper and melting it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 250°F(120°C). Once ready, carefully scrape it into your mixture at Step 4 in this recipe. Be prepared for the wildest edible experience you’ve ever had!
  • Make your candies even more delicious by adding your own flavor concentrates to the mix. You can find almost any flavor you can think of online, or check your local baking shop for their selection of flavor concentrates.

Dose Up with Home-Made Weed Jolly Rancher!

There’s no doubt that this recipe on how to make Jolly Rancher marijuana edibles is easy and delicious, delivering a yummy way to dose in a matter of minutes, plus an hour or two to harden and cool.

Once you’ve got your special treats popped out of the mold and ready to eat, place them in an airtight container and store them in a cool, dry place, out of reach from pets or children.

Final Note: Remember to label the tub! You wouldn’t want your midnight snack binge to turn into a hell of a trip!

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I think the amount of tincture determines if it sets. I used 1 ml and they set fine. 3 ml was apparently too much
Can I use rso in my hard candies?
Curious Kitty
Did you make them with the RSO? How did they turn out
Hello,Sure, that's quite a recipe
Thank you. Absolutely love jolly ranchers and weed. The best of both worlds.
These do not harden.
Hello Annpilot,Please, make sure you followed all the steps correctly. The third step is optional, but could be essential at this point: "Using a candy thermometer, measure the temperature of your mixture while you turn up the heat on your stove. Once the candy reaches 295°F (145°C), it is ready for step 4".
All of my jolly ranchers are gooie and not hard….. followed the recipe with a tincture… what did I do wrong?
Hello Lizzymae,It's hard to tell without knowing how you did it step-by-step, please contact us via email or a live chat, we will do our best to help you
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