My Blue Dream Grow Journal Summarized For Your Convenience

Last updated: 15 April 2024

Blue Dream from BlimBurn Seeds

The Blue Dream strain that I’m about to describe here in my grow journal was my first go with this amazing variety, but definitely not the last. I’m sure I’ll be growing her again and again, because she was the biggest yielder of the four different plants I harvested. The smoke was also top-notch: it smelled like blueberries and provided a happy and creative high, perfect to relax after a hard day.

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Mainlining Blue Dream Weed Strain For Maximum Yields

I used to only grow autos before, so with this one, I was happy to use every HST technique in the book – and to tell you the truth, Blue Dream took them all like a champ and bounced back every time.

Blue Dream Weed Strain

The first 5 weeks were trouble-free. All I had to do was wait for the seedling to become big enough and then top her several times according to the classic algorithm of mainlining: that is, I first topped her at the fourth node, removing everything but two side branches, then topped a second and third time on each subsequent node to get 8 colas of the same size.

At this point and all the way to the end of the vegetative stage, I fed her pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow A and B by Advanced Nutrients, each at 4ml/l (approx. 15ml/gal).

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Using ScrOG In My Blue Dream Grow

In week 6, I installed the ScrOG net in the whole of my 4x4 grow tent, although Blimburn Seeds' Blue Dream occupied only a quarter of this space – the other three contained photoperiod strains from other breeders. This same week, they all more or less filled the net, formed an even canopy, and started to raise their tops above the mesh.

By the end of week 7, I noticed the preflowers and flipped the switch to 12/12, thus beginning the flowering stage.

Changes I Made When Flowering Began

During week 8, the first week of flowering, I lollipopped every leaf and potential bud site below the net to direct all energy to the tops. They kept growing vigorously and stretched over a foot during week 9, the second week of flowering. In week 10, the bud sites were already very pronounced and even started to merge in places, with some nice ‘frost’ on the calyxes and adjacent leaves.

Needless to say, I switched to pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom (A and B) at the same time as I changed the light cycle. I used both at the same dosage as their predecessors – 4ml/l. I also introduced Terpinator at the start of flowering, first at 2ml/l (approx. 7.5ml/gal), which after a week, I upped to 3ml/l (11.4ml/gal). All my plants, Blue Dream included, were grown in 5-gallon containers filled with a coco coir/perlite mixture, and the nutrients I chose fit this medium perfectly.

Another thing I did was make the environmental conditions more suitable for flowering. Namely, I ever so slightly decreased the day temperature from 26°C to 25°C (78°F to 77°F), as well as the relative humidity from 65% to 50%. Lower temps are important if you don’t want to ‘burn’ terpenes from the buds, and reduced humidity helps prevent problems with mold.

Some More Ad Hoc Tweaking

Blue Dream from BlimBurn Seeds Grow Journal

Blue Dream Grow Report

All the while, the colas were filling out nicely and packing on a lot of weight. They also started to smell – a very heavy sweet aroma. Unfortunately, I ran out of Terpinator in week 14, so I started adding some molasses to the mix instead (0.5ml/l, or 1.9ml/gal). For both A and B, I kept the previous dosage unchanged until week 15, when I lowered it to 3ml/l because the colas looked mature enough to think about flushing soon. After exactly 60 days from the 12/12 flip, I began to flush.

The Blue Dream strain

Blue Dream by BlimBurn Seeds

I also defoliated my Blue Dream girl heavily, which only made more obvious how high-yielding she was going to be. There was some variance in the size of the colas, but the main one was as big as a 2L soda bottle.

Blue Dream Got Too Fat For Her Own Good

Blue Dream from BlimBurn Seeds Got Too Fat For Her Own Good

My Blue Dream from BlimBurn Seeds Journal Summarized For Your Convenience

Unfortunately, colas of this size invite mold, and I regret to say that this was exactly what happened – my fault entirely, because I was too busy with something else to pay much attention to my grow during the last crucial weeks of flowering. Anyway, I chopped my Blue Dream plant on day 70 of flowering. Although I lost the top half of the main cola to mold, I still harvested an insane amount of heavy, dense buds, not at all spongy and with very good ‘bounce’.

A Winner In Every Respect

Maybe they didn’t look the most beautiful of the bunch, all having different sizes and irregular shapes, but there were a lot of them: 439g (approx. 15.5oz) of trimmed wet weight, not to mention around a quarter pound of trim, which was abundantly covered in trichomes and ideal for making bubble hash. The heavy smell of fruit was very impressive, and this wasn’t lost in the final product. As I already mentioned, the smoke reminded me of blueberries more than anything.

As for the type of high, I strongly recommend Blue Dream seeds by Blimburn to all hybrid lovers. Despite having a lot of ancestors, some even leaning to the Sativa side, this hybrid offers effects that are more like a warm blanket, covering me with optimism, relaxation, and motivation – and tons of creativity, too! I use it as my go-to evening strain. If you like to start your days with a wake-and-bake session, Blue Dream in lower doses is incredible for that as well.

Blue Dream from BlimBurn Seeds

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