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How To Make Cannabis Honey In 7 Easy Steps

Last updated: 25 September 2023

cannabis honey

There are so many great ways to get your daily dose of CBD or THC. If you have a sweet tooth, or just a craving for some yummy melt-in-your-mouth edibles, then cannabis honey, also known as “cannahoney,” might be your new go-to.

Easy to make with a variety of exciting dosage methods, cannahoney is well worth the investment of delicious organic honey to reap the many health benefits while you get your medicinal or recreational fix. So, keep reading to make a pot of your very own!

What Is Cannabis Honey (AKA Cannahoney)?

Cannabis honey is delicious, golden honey infused with cannabis flower, kief, or concentrates. It can be CBD-infused or THC-infused honey depending on your personal preferences and needs. You can find it at many marijuana dispensaries, but it’s more fun, simpler, and healthy to make weed-infused honey at home.

Organic local honey has more health benefits and is loaded with antioxidants. Just imagine what adding cannabis to the mix can do! A food of the gods, cannahoney is simply made by mixing decarboxylated cannabis flower, or concentrates, with the honey of your choice.

Should I Use Flower, Concentrates, Or Kief for This Weed Honey Recipe?

Whether you want to use flower, concentrates, or kief for your cannabis honey recipe, any one should do the trick. The main thing to keep in mind is the convenience of using concentrates.

When you use flower to make your cannabis-infused honey, you’ll need to strain it if the taste or texture of flower bits in the honey bothers you. This additional step can be trickier and stickier than the latter options! So, if all you have on hand is cannabis flower, you’ll either need to strain your honey using cheesecloth or savor the added cannabis flavor.

However, there are definitely benefits to leaving the bits of flower in your cannahoney. Both THC and CBD are molecules that like to cling to fat molecules. Because honey doesn’t contain any fat, a lot of the THC and CBD will be lost when the honey is strained. Instead of dispersing into the honey, the THC and CBD molecules will cling to the plant matter, making unstrained cannabis honey more effective and potent.

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Is There a Plant-Based Version of Weed Honey?

As yummy and beneficial as it can be, honey is still classified as an animal product and not generally consumed by vegans. However, you can still make cannabis “honey” out of any vegan honey alternative.


Using the same methods in this cannabis honey recipe, you can infuse THC or CBD into other sweet golden syrups like agave nectar, barley malt syrup, corn syrup or maple syrup.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, gather all your ingredients and equipment so you don’t get caught off guard! This weed honey recipe is quick and super easy, so it’s always better to be prepared beforehand.


You will only need two ingredients for this recipe:

ingredients for cannahoney

  • Cannabis flower, kief, or concentrate of your choice
  • Raw organic honey (or a vegan alternative)


If you’re using cannabis flower, you’ll need an additional oven tray and baking paper to decarboxylate your cannabis, along with a:

  • Double boiler
  • Glass jar
  • Cheesecloth (optional)
  • Funnel (optional)


Now that you have everything you need to make cannabis-infused honey, let's get into the steps so you can enjoy a spoonful of golden, cannabis delight in no time!

Step 1: Decarb your cannabis (for flower infusion)

For your cannabis infusion to work, you will need to unlock the THC or CBD from your plant matter through a process called decarboxylation. Simply line a baking tray with baking paper, preheat your oven to 225°F (100°C), add rice grain-sized pieces of cannabis flower onto the tray, and slowly heat for approximately 45 mins. Allow to cool.

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Step 2: Set up your double-boiler

Prep your double boiler by putting it on your stove at medium heat and filling the bottom pot with just enough water to immerse the bottom of your second pot or bowl. Place your second pot or heat-resistant bowl into the water and allow it to slowly heat.

Step 3: Add the honey

Pour your honey into the second pot or glass bowl of your double boiler. Allow the honey to slowly heat until it becomes more flowing.

Step 4: Add your cannabis

Next, add in your cannabis of choice. If you want CBD-infused honey, use a high CBD cannabis strain or CBD oil in your recipe. If you want THC-infused honey, use a potent cannabis strain of your choice or potent concentrates.

Step 5: Allow to simmer (optional)

If you’re using cannabis flower and want to strain the plant matter out of your honey, allow your mixture to simmer on low heat, while occasionally stirring, for up to 6 hours. Doing this will ensure more THC or CBD is released into your honey so that when you strain the pieces of flower out, you won’t lose as much potency.

Step 6: Strain or pour your honey into a jar

Now that your cannabis honey is ready and well infused, you can decant it into your stylish glass jar for storage. Use your funnel to avoid making a sweet, sticky mess!

If you want to strain the plant matter out of your cannahoney, place your cheesecloth into your funnel before pouring the honey through.

Step 7: Store safely and enjoy!

Store your jar of weed-infused honey in a cool dark place for up to 2 months. Make sure to keep it labeled and out of reach of pets or children to avoid accidents, and have fun finding new ways to dose up with your new cannabis honey!

Tips on Dosing THC-Infused Honey

Dosage is very important when it comes to tasty cannahoney because it’s easy to overdo! To figure out the dosage of your cannabis honey, simply work out the ratio of THC or CBD to the ml of honey you made.

For example, if you used 4 grams of 15% THC buds in 200ml of honey, each 5ml teaspoon of honey will contain a 15mg dose of THC. That’s already a decent dose for an experienced user, so this honey will be very potent!

If you’re planning on enjoying THC-infused honey by the spoonful, be sure to use lower potency weed or fewer grams of bud to ensure a more pleasant and relaxing experience. And, if you’re making CBD-infused honey, you can work out the dosage using the same method.

Sometimes infusing doesn’t go according to plan either, so we recommend testing no more than a teaspoon's worth of your cannahoney to see what the dose feels like before experimenting with higher dosages.

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How to Use THC Honey (or CBD Honey)

Once you’ve figured out the dosage of your yummy pot of weed-infused honey, there are so many fun and delicious ways for you to use it. Of course, you can simply put a teaspoon of the golden serum straight into your mouth and let it melt into a giddy goodness, but why not get the most out of it?

You can drizzle your cannabis honey over a nice stack of hot pancakes, stir a teaspoon or two into a comforting cup of night-time tea, sweeten a spicy sauce, or even bake it into your favorite homemade treats. The list of what you can use your honey for is endless, so get creative and have fun with it!

Sweet Surrender

Get all the benefits of your favorite THC or CBD weed in a sweet, indulgent surrender with this easy cannabis honey recipe. All you need is cannabis and honey – so what are you waiting for? A gooey, golden dosage of warm THC or CBD-infused cannahoney is at your fingertips in just 7 easy steps. Go on and get started, you’ll thank yourself later!

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