Original Skunk #1 feminized seeds

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Skunk #1 was the first true stabilized hybrid to enter the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses. Sacred Seeds created it in the late 1970s from Afghani Indica, "Acapulco Gold" Mexican Sativa and Columbian Gold Sativa. For the first time this strain provided growers with the good taste and high of a sativa coupled with the quick heavy flowering of an indica.

  • Seedsman
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Feel high
  • Acapulco Gold x Mexican Sativa x Columbian Gold Sativa
  • 63 days
  • Late October
  • Sativa dominant
  • 15 %
  • 1 %

Seedsman Original Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds Info

Having been successfully stabilized, Skunk No. 1 has been widely used as a breeding parent for most of today’s leading "skunk" and many other strains. It is very easy to grow and has always been seen as a standard against which others can be measured. It produces dense buds varying in colour from light green to golden with a very high yield. It is easy to manicure due to its high bud-to-leaf ratio. It has a sweet smell and taste with a cerebral high.

    • Advantages
      Very potent. Up high. Keeps me going when I have a ton of work to do. Also very euphoric and great for getting creative. If you are into music or the arts, this is a great choice.
      I really enjoy the flavor in this one. It's VERY SKUNKY smelling. This is some LOUD weed for sure! It has a great taste. Sweet, fuely, and piney all at once. I was really impressed by this strain.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      This one was easy to grow and easy to trim. Very sticky and resinous. Very potent. Nice bag appeal. Lots of shiny trichome heads! Nice and flavorful smoke. She was easy. Her buds do get heavy and were falling over a bit at the end of flower, but that is somewhat my fault and big buds are a good problem to have, right? Overall very impressed.
      Peace ✌️,
      Love 💚,
      And Frosty Nugs ❄️🌲!
      Happy growin' ya'll