Pyramid Seeds Rocks: 10 American Cannabis Strains Are Released!

20 November 2019

New Strains from Pyramid Seeds

Our recent attention has been drawn to 10 brand new cannabis strains that recently joined Pyramid Seeds’ catalog. Featuring incredible potency, crave-worthy flavors and fast-acting therapeutic effects, these cannabis varieties shine brighter than Hollywood stars on the Red Carpet. Please welcome 10 finest American beauties: Black Cherry Punch, Cookies USA, Do-Si-Dos, Double OG Haze, Gorila, Purple Urkle, Romulan, Sunset Sherbet, Tahoe Cure, and Watermelon Zkittlez.

Dessert Cannabis Strains With Mind-bending Potency

Black Cherry Punch is a super delicious strain that brings a lot of sweet berry flavors on the table and packs a punch with its incredible 25% THC. This Indica-dominant strain is blessed with a rich terpene profile and brings an instant pain relief combined with mind & body relaxation.

Cookies USA

Smelling like a freshly-baked pastry, Cookies USA is another flavorsome cannabis strain in the new American lineage from Pyramid Seeds. Brimming with pleasing fruity flavors and earthy undertones, this Indica-dominant strain is one of the richest in terpenes.


Soaked with 25% THC, Gorila is probably the most powerful strain among these exciting new arrivals. A cross between two American legends, Chem Sis x Sour Dubb, this Indica-dominant cannabis strain is oozing with resin which makes her a great choice for concentrates and extracts. On top of that, her well-balanced Sativa/Indica content and sweet, earthy flavors make for an overarching feeling of euphoria transforming into pleasant relaxing sensations.

Watermelon Zkittlez

Watermelon Zkittlez is a well-balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid much appreciated for her refreshing juicy flavors and energizing effects. Decorated with orange trichomes, this strain is packed full of resin and tests 25% THC which makes it a perfect choice for extractions.

Better Than Pills

Double OG Haze

Bred by mating Big Bud, Afgoo and SFV OG, Double OG Haze is a feminized strain with wonderful therapeutic effects. Featuring mild citrus aroma with a hint of Skunk and diesel, this 80% Indica helps to relieve pain, anxiety or stress. This cannabis variety is perfect for cozy evenings with friends and relaxing moments.

Tahoe Cure

Tahoe Cure is a 90% Indica sporting a strong sedative effect and a penetrating grape-pine aroma. Her name implies wonderful healing properties for a reason. The strain triggers a sneaking high phasing into a deep sense of calm and body relaxation helping to relieve anxiety, pain and stress.