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Fun Smoking Games To Play With Friends While Smoking Weed (PART III)

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Herbies cares about the way you smoke weed, and as we want you to have the best possible experience, we’re ready to present nine more weed challenges and fun smoking games for you to have the time of your life! Do you have your stash full and friends ready? Then keep reading and we’ll give you some ideas for having a night to remember!

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Ash Bomber

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Most games to play while smoking weed on our list require little to no preparation. However, to play Ash Bomber, you need to get some supplies first, but don’t worry – they’re all household items that you probably already have. Before the start of the game, find a cup, a coin, a sheet of toilet paper/paper towel/rolling paper, and a joint or two, depending on how many people are playing. Oh, and don’t forget to come up with a punishment, because though there’s no winner in Ash Bomber, somebody is definitely going to lose! After you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to make an Ash Bomber device. Place the piece of paper over the opening of the cup and secure it with a rubber band, then put a coin in the middle of the paper. Now you’re ready to play. One by one, players have to take a hit of the joint, hold it in for 3 seconds, and use the joint to burn a hole in the paper. Players take turns until one of them burns the hole in the paper that causes the coin to fall into the cup. This is the loser who’s up for the punishment (aka the best part of the game).

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High Card

High Card is easily one of our favorite smoking games, all because it’s really easy to play, requires close to zero preparation, and always provokes a lot of laughs. All you need for High Card is a deck of cards. At the beginning of the first round, every player receives a playing card face up. After everyone sees what their card is, they receive another card, this time face down, and they have to guess if this new card is higher than the previous one. After the player takes a guess, they flip the card, and if they were wrong, they also take a hit – as simple as that! The game goes on until there’s no more weed left, or until everyone is too high to keep playing. The game can also be customized – it’s up to you if you want to take hits for wrong guesses or right ones.

Joint Rolling Races

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This one is a competition, with the goal being to show who in your group of friends is the real master of rolling joints. Before the weed rolling games start, decide on what the winner gets at the end of the game, then give each competitor, for the title of the joint rolling master, an equal amount of weed, rolling papers, and filters. One of you should also be given the respected role of a referee. This person will be responsible for timing and deciding on the winner of the race based on the produced joints. The race itself is simple: on the referee’s count, competitors start rolling the joints, and the winner who makes the quickest and best overall joint wins and gets the prize. If you want to refresh your memory, go check our article on how to roll perfect joints. We promise, it’s not cheating!

Jamaica Jammin’

The next game on our list of weed challenges can easily become your way to starting every smoking session, as it definitely has a ritual quality to it. It’s also pretty damn easy! Every player needs to have their own weed and a smoking device, whether it’s a bong or joint – it doesn’t really matter here. When everyone is ready, start playing Jamaica Jammin’ by the legendary Bob Marley. The game starts with the first note of the song, and the rules are simple – take a hit every time Bob says “jam” or “jammin’”. For a version of the game for seasoned stoners, count the lyrics sang by backup singers, too – that’s going to be a LOT of “jam”s and ”jammin’”s! Let’s see if you can make it to the end of the song and still want to smoke more. Alexa, play Jamaica Jammin’ by Bob Marley!

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Ghost That Hit

Ever heard of the theory that keeping the weed smoke in your lungs for longer gets you higher? Well, there’s a great opportunity to check if it’s true for yourself. In Ghost That Hit, one of the best smoking games for a company of stoner friends, everyone takes a hit one by one – regular chain-smoking, but there’s a twist. You’re are not allowed to let the smoke out until it’s your turn to take a toke again. If you exhale or cough too early, you’re out! The game continues until there’s only one person left standing. What sounds like a simple concept turns into some great fun on practice – everyone gets stoned really quick, and competitiveness definitely adds to the effects. There’s also room for strategizing – you can take extra long puffs to bring the rest of the players to the edge, but only if you’re confident in your lung capacity, of course!

Strip Choker

Strip Choker is another weed smoking game that challenges your lung capacity, but it doesn’t just stop there – it also checks how far you’re willing to go. The concept is quite simple: everyone playing takes a puff of weed at the same time and holds it in. The first person to cough or exhale is to take one piece of clothing off. The game can go as far as to the last person standing. When it comes to dropping out of the competition, everyone decides when it’s time to go and when they can’t take any more clothes off.

The Wheel Of Weed

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The next addition to our list of fun smoking games requires some props and prep, which you should definitely think about before getting too high. You’d need a spinnable wheel divided into eight parts with a task written on each section. To make the Wheel of Weed itself, you can go the easy way and use one from Twister, or you can go the artsy-craftsy way and make your own from a couple of pieces of paper and a fidget spinner! Don’t forget to color it too – a nicely-done wheel definitely adds a good feel to the game. As for the rules, players take turns to spin the wheel and do the task specified on the section they got. You’re free to customize the wheel to your liking or use templates from online, but usually, you always leave at least one Truth, one Dare, and of course, one Take A Hit on the wheel. Other sections might include Joke, Spin Again, Pass The Toke, etc. The players spin and play until there’s no more weed left.

Bong Pong

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Another party classic we’re turning upside down to match the needs of our stoner friends is Bong Pong, because why not combine weed and beer pong? To play, you’ll need an equal number of plastic cups filled halfway with water placed on the sides of a dinner table or desk. Two players each stand by their side of the table. One by one, they throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. Then, you have a right to decide on the rules: it’s whether each ball that ended up in the opponent’s cup lets you take a hit of weed, or makes the opponent smoke. Another way to play it is to fill the cups with beer instead of water, with each successful throw both granting you a toke and making the losing side drink the beer.

One-Word Story

One-Word Story is another one of those fun smoking games that shows exactly how weed affects each person in the group. Some get really creative, but others completely lose their connection with reality, and both types are equally fun to see playing this game! The players all sit down in a circle to pass around the joint. The player who starts the game says, “Once upon a time”, takes a hit, and passes on the joint. The next player, and everyone after them, are to add one word to the story at a time and also take a hit. The goal is to develop the story and finish it by the time the joint (or joints) is finished. For an extra challenge, you can make everyone hold in the smoke until it’s their turn to add a word to the story. This game is perfect for stoner companies because, as you’ll see, weed is the best sauce for storytelling!

Puff And Play

Whenever you and your friends want to bring something new to your smoking sessions, come back to Herbies’ lists of fun smoking games to play with friends. Have you tried any already? What has your experience been like? Tell us in the comments below!

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